Preowned Red Faction: Armageddon Won't Include Free Access to Ruin Mode

Today Final Level travelled to London to check out the soon to be released Red Faction: Armageddon, created by Volition and published by THQ.

It was a great day; spending over a quarter of the day in the posh Courthouse Hotel, playing over half of the story mode and also trying out the new Infestation mode, similar to the Horde mode and Zombie modes found in Gears of War and Call of Duty, however, something there was interesting with one of the features added to the final mode on the game, Ruin Mode.

To the rejoice of followers of the gaming industry and gaming enthusiasts, but to the dismay of players who can’t afford to buy the copy from new, or can’t access the game online, Ruin Mode will be unavailable to players who purchase the game preowned.

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VenGencE9992555d ago

Good to know, as I avoid ANY game that employs such tactics. I own 2 PS3's and I buy most games new. What happens when I enter the online code on the bedroom PS3 and at a later time I want to play on the living room PS3?

Exactly. Even though I've bought the game new I'm restricted to only playing said mode on one PS3 in the same house?

Nope, I'll pass.

joshpoppedyou2554d ago

true i never thought about it like that, its the same with pc gaming, youre screwed if ur pc broke and u dont have a steam account, the sad thing is the game is so gd, i tried it yesterday and it was a lot of fun, just such a strange tactic

MasterD9192551d ago

I hate restrictions on used-games and in games in general.

Its kind of like a guy who offers to take you to dinner and then wants you to pay for the check.