Virtua Tennis 4 vs Top Spin 4 PlayStation Move Comparison

Less than a year after the release of Sports Champions and its great showcase of Move-magic, two major players in the tennis simulation genre have recently taken the field, confronting each other with their respective implementations of motion controls.

Watch this video to find out who won the match!

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Bigpappy2612d ago

WTF! It this true? Now that is an insult even to casual gamers. The developers sould just go back to their old jobs of selling drugs to kids. If you are not going to do a proper job with the device, why even bother supporting it?

jneul2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

lol have you seen the support they gave to kinect, interestingly shite i heard:-D

@Iwaggle the navigaton functionalty was removed after they decided to support kinect, how sad:-(
This now for me is a definitive rental, next time learn sega!!