WayForward Is Developing Aliens Infestation For Sega

Another Aliens game from Sega leaked out care of Australia’s Classification’s Board. They rated Aliens Infestation and Shantae creator WayForward is tied to it listed as the author. In other words, WayForward is developing the unannounced Aliens game.

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browngamer42608d ago

So this is def. for a Nintendo platform then right?

Venox20082608d ago

earlier it was developed on DS ,now I think the biggest chance it could be on 3DS or DS ... watch a trailer for DS, it looks good

Venox20082608d ago

Wayforward are great devs.. they made hits like contra 4, A boy and his blob Wii, shantae ... wayforward ftw!

Grannyvukka2608d ago

Just make a new Aleins fps for the Wii 2 launch, that offers an awesome campaign, & a wicked vs mode where you can play aliens vs aliens, aliens vs marines or marines vs marines. Deathmatch mixes of each, as well as team deathmatch mixes would be great.....Just do a better job than Aliens Vs Predator (360/PS3).

I'd buy a Wii 2 if it has substantially more power than PS3/360, launched with some great games that were not Samus, Mario, Donkey Kong or Link related, & the thing launched with a decent proper console controller, instead of another gimmick that forced you to buy the other damn half after you'd already forked out for the WHOLE new console, that was not even a new console anyway as it was just a GC with a new shape shell & paint job.

I'm ready for a substantial jump up in visual quality right now, & with Ninty the only ones looking to launch new hardware soon, all they need is what I already mentioned above to get my money, until PS4 & 720 release.

browngamer42608d ago

Well I for one would be very dissapointed (as I am so far with the 3ds early line-up)if Project Cafe launched without Samus,mario,Link and company..I live for those franchises-simply put they are the BEST franchises out there-In my opinion.

Venox20082608d ago

are you kidding? No samus? No mario? No link? then - no Wii 2 for me :)

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