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The Controller Online writes "Atari has brought the beloved role playing game to Xbox consoles, via Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale. There’s no paper or dice required here, only you and some friends who own an Xbox."

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SuperSaiyan42433d ago

Single player campaign only lasted me around 2hrs 40mins on normal.

Considering the game is 1.79gb and there are no talking characters its way too short.

Online it seems kinda fun but you basically follow the campaign and if you are a high level and others are low all the enemies will be at the person of the highest level.

000000000000000000012433d ago

The main goal of these type of games is to take your time and build your character up before heading off to Online.
Rushing threw will only cause defeat!

colon2433d ago

I heard the game was a buggy mess.

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