David O. Russell Leaves Uncharted

David O. Russell has left Uncharted. Variety reports that the director has decided to depart due to creative differences. There weren’t many other details but assuming he was also writing the script, it’s likely that’s where the conflict stemmed from.

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Kran2641d ago

YES! NOW get rid of Mark too!

Cheeseknight282641d ago

With the way none of these video game franchises seem to be taking off, I wouldn't be surprised if this one isn't made for quite some time. Look at Bioshock for the best example, or Warcraft. Both were set to be pretty amazing but now they are comatose.

malamdra2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Martin Campbell should be perfect, he did a great job on Goldeneye, Casino Royale and the first Zorro movie

also he doesn't have a personal vision so he shouldn't mess with the games' tone just like he did on Casino Royale with Bond, and he's not high profile

for the lead, Fillion of course

LOGICWINS2641d ago

^^The first Zorro was sick!

SoSLy2641d ago

What are you talking about? Are you talking about the games? Cause the article is talking about the movies... and Bioshock is not on comatose, unless you live under a rock you know Bioshock Infinite...

BattleAxe2641d ago

David O'Russell is a bum anyway....

Dee_912641d ago

i like mark
but i dont think he good for this

but i loved him in other guys

maybe mark as drake and will ferrell as sully and make it a comedy lol

AngryTypingGuy2641d ago

I'm a fan of Mark Wahlberg, but I don't see him as Nathan Drake. I was picturing the role of Drake to go to someone like Tracy Morgan.

Cheeseknight282641d ago


I was talking about the movie projects. Verbinski left Bioshock and Sam Reimi is doing Oz instead of WoW. Both film adaptations are not in production as of right now, though they were announced 2-3 years back.

AngryTypingGuy2641d ago

Really guys, Tracy Morgan? Anyone ever heard of sarcasm?

Commander_TK2640d ago


This is a typing form of communication. It's impossible to know if you're being sarcastic or not unless u say it or exaggerate your sarcasm.

ikkokucrisis2640d ago

..and the world breathes a collective sigh of relief!

AngryTypingGuy2640d ago

Commander, you've never detected sarcasm in writing before? Didn't the fact that I picked a black comedian to play Drake tip you off?!

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Reibooi2641d ago

Would be funny if the creative difference was David O not wanting Walhberg on the movie. Anyone director in their right mind can tell he is wrong for the part in nearly every single way one can be wrong for a part.

I honestly kinda hope this doesn't get made unless it's killed off for awhile and comes back under a completely different creative team because at least then there is a chance Nathan Fillion will get the role as he is 100% perfect for it.

kneon2641d ago

I was thinking Kyle Chandler would be a good fit for the part, except that they probably want someone younger.

ryhanon2641d ago

Am I the only one that thinks Ben Browder (of Farscape) would be a great Nate Drake? His character on Farscape had a rogue-ish personality not at all unlike Drake.

Pintheshadows2641d ago

I want Fillion. Just in general.

SuperM2641d ago

David O Russel is the reason Mark Wahlberg got picked for the role. There is no way that is the reason. I honestly think Naughty Dog didnt like the direction it was going and thats the "creative difference" they are talking about

MidnytRain2641d ago


Isn't that the guy who played in The Early Edition? I loved that show.

nevercloser072641d ago

Everyone loves fillion but he would not be perfect for the role.

Tell me 1 reason it shouldn't be Chris Pine (Star Trek, Unstoppable).

He looks like him, acts like him, and I think he'd love the role.

Reibooi2641d ago


The reason Fillion is best for the role is because the REAL him acts just like Drake. That's his real life attitude. The role is a natural fit for him. While other actors may look more like Drake they can't naturally act like Drake like Fillion can. He also seems to be a fan of the games as he himself tried to get the role via support from his twitter and a person who can act like the character and likes and knows said character is better then any other person.

R_A_LEE202641d ago


I have to agree, i was thinking of the same person, i remember watching Star Trek around the time is was going though Uncharted 1&2 and i thought, this guy would make an awesome Nathan Drake.

He's got the right attitude, can but up a good fight, and take on a serious role and joke around at the same time!

Chris Pine would make the perfect Nathan Drake!

nevercloser072641d ago

@ Reibooi

I understand where you're coming from but your logic is flawed.

They are paid ACTors and can ACT like the people they are paid to act like. For example, Will Smith is neither a USAF Pilot or a doctor solving the zombie virus. He sure made it seem like it though.

Also, watch Star Trek or Unstoppable and tell me Pine wouldn't be perfect. I see Drake-esque qualities in both those movies. Since Pine can ACT like him and looks exactly like him (unlike Fillion who only matches in the face really), he's a perfect fit.

See Below:


Reibooi2641d ago


Excuse me for not following every little tid bit of news relating to movies. That gives you no excuse to insult me like that. Honestly no reason at all for being so hostile.

Elwenil2641d ago

The problem with Fillion is a horrible actor. I'm not expecting any Oscar material to come out of a movie based on a video game but at least Wahlberg has some acting talent.

kneon2641d ago


That's the guy, I think he's got just the right look for Drake and could probably do a decent job of the role. Maybe if his new movie Super 8 does well enough he'll even have the name recognition to be in the running. But I still expect them to pick someone younger, otherwise it's more difficult to drag this out into a franchise for the next 20 years.

jjohan352641d ago

Nathan Fillion will forever be a grade B film actor. Unless you guys want Uncharted to be a grade B film, there's no reason to cast Fillion for this role. He may look and act like him in real life, but his onscreen acting is grade B. I don't think he's a good actor, even though he's not particularly bad.

Trroy2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Fillion is downright fantastic when cast as a character that fits him -- watch Firefly, and then honestly tell me he's not great in that role.

He's not a great actor, on the whole, but he is fantastic in particular character roles. He's well-suited to play Drake, and that's all that matters, in the end, because it makes for a great film, which makes for good money.

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M4I0N32641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

woohooo, now time to get nolan north or nathan fillion on board

KeiserSosay47882641d ago

I definitely don't think Fillion is a good enough White Noise 2, jesus....

M4I0N32641d ago

dude, u need to watch Serenity, amazing scifi film based on a tv series called Firefly. The guy totally acts like drake!

moparful992641d ago

Anybody who thinks that nathan fillion wouldn't be a good fit for drake obviously hasn't seen firefly or serenity... Wow some of the best acting I've seen and he just oozes the charm that drak has and it doesn't hurt that fillion resembles drake as well... I seriously think they need to have fillion as drake..

jnestor2640d ago

Serenity is the only thing I've seen Fillion in...and....agreed...He is basically Drake in that movie..and good acting. That being said, Chris Pine wouldn't be a bad choice. I never thought of him until reading the comments on here. But I DO think that Fillion looks a little more like Drake. Tracy Morgan would work too (kudos AngryTypingGuy)

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BubbleSniper2641d ago

Title is kind of misleading. It should have the word "Movie" at the end.

mindedone2641d ago

Agreed. I knew nothing of the movie, beside Marky Mark being associated with it. So this hit me in the gut at first.

xAlmostPro2641d ago

The game makers should just direct the movie too

subtenko2641d ago

They really should, why isnt this the norm. unless someones knows of a game dev. directing a movie?

Naughtydog should make an example of everyone and take on the movie themselves! dooo itttt! :D

xAlmostPro2641d ago

Well i wouldn't reccomend this for all game to movie situations, i suggested it here because uncharted the game always delivers a movie/story type experience because they're so good at doing so :D

Not all game makers manage that, but yeah naughtydog should and it probably would inspire others. Other games that could work with the makers also making the movie = heavy rain, god of war hell even mgs haha

sikbeta2641d ago

Better don't dishonor this franchise's name with a lame @ss crappy movie!

ReservoirDog3162641d ago

We better all hope that this just gets cancelled cause this is gonna go under the term "development hell" if they switch directors like this.

DarkTower8052641d ago

Wahlberg, De Niro and Pesci? No thank you! I'm glad he left, it seems like Sony doesn't want this prick to ruin the franchise.

"Creative differences" to me means that he wanted to sway too much from the world that is Uncharted. Glad to see Sony stick to their guns. Good riddance Russell!

BF3MW3OMGBBQ2641d ago

o wait were not talking bout facebook?
Ok tehn. WAIT TE [email protected]@!?!

TheDarkness2640d ago

Calm down, Lay of that call of duty.

BF3MW3OMGBBQ2639d ago

Prolly should. That game is too awesome.

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Wizziokid2641d ago

whoo now get someone who wont rape the franchise and do it right please

Christopher2641d ago

This is like when the knights were forced to eat Robin's minstrels.

"And there was much rejoicing. Yayyy!"

Lucreto2641d ago

Bubbles for the Holy Grail quote. It is not like you need it.

gaden_malak2641d ago

wow, how did you get so many bubbles?

You must be the most neutralist person here.

Christopher2641d ago

I'm a moderator ;)

I did have the "max" prior to being a mod, which was 9 bubbs. And, you can actually do it without being neutral. At least I think most here would agree that I'm not "neutral", though the side I "lean to" would likely change from person to person.

TheHip142641d ago

Ya honestly, take Mark out of there

2641d ago