Capcom Confirms GFWL Street Fighter DRM

EDGE: Upcoming Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition limits offline players to 15 of 39 characters.

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rajman2555d ago

Wow, so if you arent signed in to an online GFWL profile you will be restricted to 15 of the 39 characters! Thats really bad, playing this game on my laptop as I travel across will be ruined as over half the cast will be missing o_0

GameGambits2555d ago

Capcom is just basically telling every PC owner to pirate this game with how they are approaching this. When will they pull their head out of their ass and realize if you don't treat the platform and its users with respect, then don't even bother?

I was going to hold out for the PC version, but after reading all the details I'll just get the 360 version of the DLC.

Baka-akaB2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

And how did they disrespect pc users with their release of Lost planet , dmc4 and sf4 ?

Dmc4 especially was a nice enhanced version of the game , but pirates didnt care .

You make it sounds as if , drm or not , people didnt massively pirate sf4 on pc .
It was the top pirated game of the year , along with cod ... despite having not major protection and hassle .

Basically people moaned for it to appears on pc , and when it did , no support whatsoever for a rather good release .

I do find the new drm shtty and useless , but it was easy to foresee ... and for once this gen , you can't blame capcom for it

Motorola2555d ago

Wow. This is to stop piracy? Wont work, theyll find a way. As always...

zeal0us2555d ago

A waste, this really don't stop pirate I bet some1 will just invent a workaround like always. Company waste too much money trying to fight pirates when it can be put to better use.

Too many companies using piracy as a scapegoat for loss of sells.

The reason the pc version of DMC4 sold less for one it was release 5 months later after it console-counterparts. Most of the ppl who wanted the game already brought it by then. Two you(Capcom) have a history for making the pc-version inferior to the console, some ppl probably didn't want to take that chance. Plus the pc-version really didn't have that many extra-features,modders put out better stuff than you guys did.

Redempteur2555d ago

you can't deny that STREET FIGHTER 4 PC was heavily pirated .. it's a know fact since is was in the TOP download of several trackers website for A least 2 weeks after it's release ..

Sure DRM and GAme for windows is crap but at least the game is coming on PC , thats' better than no coming at all

Elven62555d ago

Surely something like this could be spoofed? I think GFWL's SSA encryption is good enough (I don't think it has been cracked yet, at least, it wasn't a while after DR2 released), there's no need to limit offline play.

I guess the silver lining here is that they aren't using another layer of DRM on top of it all!

xDaRkModEx2555d ago

Most guys don't know this but the reason Capmcom don't like releasing SF games on pc is that in the arcade world. Some company would put a cheap computer in the box and sell it at a price way lower compare to actually getting a legit box from capcom.

FredEffinChopin2555d ago

Capcom makes me sick to my stomach lately. They really are becoming the leaders of this offensive (and ultimately futile, if the pretense of piracy is to be believed) DRM push. You'd think they learned their lesson after PSN users were unable to play Bionic Commando for 3 weeks, but apparently nothing phases them. Fuck you Capcom.

DeleteThisxx2555d ago

Yeah, I mean they're trying to counter hackers/pirates so they TOTALLY should have learned from the PSN outage! God, extra security measures?? Who the hell do they think they are???

FredEffinChopin2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Are you serious? There hasn't been a single case of this type of DRM policy stopping piracy that I know of. DRM is mainly notorious for being a hassle for nobody but consumers, and this particular style is not only especially inconvenient, but it really crosses a line that others don't. THAT is what they should've learned from the PSN outage, who the real bearers of the punishment are when they become so obsessed with piracy that they treat all their consumers like criminals.

The fact that people defend it really gets under my skin. Perhaps I have some wild and unique concepts of ownership, but when I purchase software whose functions don't involve an internet connection, I expect to be able to use it when I'm not on the internet. Meanwhile, some pirate gets to play it wherever and wherever he wants.

DeleteThisxx2555d ago

@Fred lol, don't worry dude. I understand your points I was just being an ass:p

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