Interview: Into the Mind of Michael Pachter – Part One

In this exclusive DeltaGamer interview, Webush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter lays down what his job actually entails and what genre he prefers playing most.


The description has an typo, the company is called "Wedbush Morgan" instead of "Webush Morgan" it says now.

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ATiElite2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

"I’ve never been right about anything"

" I have to predict things like console launches, game releases, pricing, etc. I get all of those things wrong every time"

Any other career field except for maybe a Pro Horseshoe would get fired.

Pachter is an OK guy he just has a really really easy job....he basically gets paid big money to just guess and basically make shit up!

EagleBurn2675d ago

This guy is an idiot. All he does is predict the obvious while he sits on his imaginary high horse.

"Hmm, I have done much research and came to the conclusion that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will sell well. I know, I know, hold your applause. If I am right, I am smart."