Max Payne 3 Preview (EDGE)

EDGE writes: Though it’s easy to forget, considering all the pretenders and wannabes that leapt into its slow-mo wake, ten years ago Max Payne was something entirely new. Combining elements of film noir, Hong Kong action cinema and Scandinavian mythology, Remedy’s downbeat thirdperson shooter presented a character at the end of his tether, lost within a quest for revenge, but not yet given over to the nihilistic excesses of a true anti-hero. Here was a comparatively rounded individual with an emotional core, manifested as the game’s constant internal monologue. Payne was the anti-Duke Nukem.

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masterprince1012637d ago

I eagerly await Max Payne. One of the games of the last generation which emphasized story over game play, and the game play ended up being even better than the story.

just_looken2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

just a fyi this game use's the rage engine and sense they have yet to fix the engine expect it to be playable 1-2 weeks after release.

gravesg2637d ago

story was damn good, or rather it was told quite well. i used to feel cold watching max narrate with the snow and wind sounds in the background .... good times people .. good times.

danieldeath2637d ago

i just hope it will be the same for this one , i doubt it ... :(

Grannyvukka2637d ago

Loved Max Payne 1, hope this one doesn't stray too far from original in gameplay & narration, good part is that original voice over actor is playing Max again. Bad part is Remedy were the original developers, but they have nothing to do with this one.