The Missed Opportunity of Duke Nukem Forever

GR - "Over a decade of buildup for a game does some strange things. There's an arc that occurs. Anticipation morphs into contempt, which gives way to cynicism, turning into complete disinterest."

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StillGray2676d ago

I doubt it'll live up to its expectations.

halocursed2676d ago

I still think it'll be worth the wait. I've already pre-ordered it.

ChrisGTR12676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

whys there so many duke haters? ive never played a duke game till 2 years ago when i played the demo of duke 3d on xbox live. i fell in love with it and bought it and now wana get duke forever. duke 3d just has that fun factor that games dont have today. i think what made duke so great was that it was an adventure game in first person view where as todays games are just first person shooters. dunno if im bringing my point across but basically you look at every modern fps out there and all you do is shoot people. in duke you were constantly finding secret areas, getting keycards and interacting with the enviornment. i really hope duke forever has this.

KeiserSosay47882676d ago

Completely agree. Duke 3d had it all.

ThatArtGuy2676d ago

People hate what they don't understand.

Pintheshadows2676d ago

About ten years ago PC Zone gave away Duke 3D for free. Well for the price of the mag. I bought it just for that.

SRTold2676d ago

Wow, I am jealous that you just recently had the pleasure of experiencing duke3d for the first time. Wow that brings back memories for me. I still play and love the game, but it's different when it is your first time.

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Tony P2676d ago

The thing is, Duke Nukem never *sold* on any kind of social commentary. It sold because it had big boobs, big guns, and big humor.

That's what they're going to market no matter what kind of messages lie under the surface.

ShinraE52676d ago

This game has already gone gold and for good reason: it looks like a fun game.

So many games hype themselves up, claim to have epic stories, insane twists, etc and fall short.

Duke is duke: a simple-minded but entertaining shooter with big guns and babes. The series has always been this way, whether it be in 2d side-scrolling, FPS or TPS form.

Hail to the king, can't wait for this game!

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