5 Reasons Square Enix Is Facing Financial Ruin

"Sadly, Square Enix has been demonstrating this same stubbornness and disregard for quality assurance lately, and this year, it's going to end up costing them $150 million in losses. For every The World Ends With You, there's a Last Remnant or an Infinite Undiscovery. Let's take a look at the main reasons for this."

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decimalator2674d ago

I'll boil it down to 1 thing -- trying too hard to recapture what they used to do, while not realizing that you can't just do what you used to do, and not listening to what their fans want them to do. It's their fans that buy the games, and if they're not making what their fans want to buy... no more fans, no more money.

dbjj120882674d ago

But they aren't even recapturing what they used to. Gamers were so involved in the older Final Fantasy because it was so much more like reading a book. You had to make up the voices for the characters in your head. Now FF is too much like a movie (and we know how well SE does movies...)

ATiElite2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Square Enix has been going down the toilet ever since they started listening to the share holders instead of their fans.

they have seriously lost their touch and are out of sync with what gamers in Asia, Eu, and NA want. They have no vision and show no signs of gaming evolution. their titles are the same stuff from eons ago but with improved graphics.

just making games and slapping Final Fantasy on it doesn't work anymore. On the flipside Square Enix is fast becoming a big time Publisher.

They need to hire me to go out and find those quality Developers making AAA titles for S.E. to publish.

BubbleSniper2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

how are they trying real hard to capture what they used to? please answer me that.

In the mean time, they are not trying very hard at ALL to recapture the magic they wielded when creating games.

When creativity was more open, or available when creating this software, that was when we had fun games.

I was excited walking into this generation of consoles... I see the cost of HD has ruined some dev houses/studios

the developers environment is also more restricted and cash-cow decisions are constantly holding back greatness from certain games.

I really hope Sony loosens up with the PS4. Because they are very strict with who can make games on their platform.

They need to cater to the little guys so that they can flourish and hopefully become the next Santa Monica Studio, or Kojima Productions.

My last word is directed at RPG's I see plenty, but to me, the majority are just awful.

Super NES and PS1/2 RPG's are still the king of the hill when lumped together.

the best attempts I saw this gen are P4, Crisis Core, Lost Odyssey and MAYBE FFXIII....

stealth500k2674d ago

There were way more fun ones than that.

ikkokucrisis2674d ago

they back stabbed nintendo when they annouced ff7 for the sony playstation, I dont feel sorry for them.

They backstabbed sony when they announced ff13 for the 360, I dont feel sorry for them.

They turned me down for a job interview when I applied, I dont feel sorry for them.

Daver2674d ago

Well this generation they have not release any good game on ps3/xbox. 1 thing tell me that if the president get fired it will go a bit better.

Tony P2674d ago

They still have a pretty healthy department devoted and (more importantly) able to capitalize on the much larger Western markets where some of their traditional products don't.

Returning to the old model I think is more expensive and much riskier in today's market than what they're doing now.

sikbeta2674d ago

Simple, S-E is not even the shadow of what SS used to be, their idea of westernization simply doesn't work, others would realize about that and go back to their roots, but hell no, Wada and the fools that run S-E don't get the message, there is only one man that can make the S-E ship stays afloat and that's T.Nomura, if he leaves, well, say goodbye to S-E...

2674d ago
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dragon822674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

They are just trying too hard to westernize their games. If they would just worry about making the games that they want to make, the rest would take care of itself.

Wolfmoonstrike2674d ago

I remember(somewhat) an article way back when (06-07) where Wada told the staff to STOP making games they want to play. Which I thought was stupid then and still do.

God knows I wouldn't want to make a game I wouldn't have playing. Wada needs to go...

Sev2674d ago

They wouldn't be having any issues if they'd just remake FFVII for the PlayStation 3. Everyone in the fucking world will buy it.

maddfoxx2674d ago

They keep saying that a remake will take 7 years to make. That just doesn't make sense to me.

Stealth20k2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

This article is alittle stupid.

They pick the worst games theyve put out and then say they suck.

Why not compare with some of the really awesome stuff theyve put out (yess it exists)

@ below
brand new titles not talking remakes.
FF13 (yes its controversial, good meta critic score), dragon quest ix,dq rocket slime, dq mosnters joker 1 and 2, ff revant wings, ff tactics avdance 2, ff gaiden, the world ends with you, crisis core, birth by sleep, 3rd birthday, ect

Great looking upcomign games that we know about

type zero,versus, 13-2, kingdom hearts 3ds, rocket slime 3, dragon quest X.

Likely more good japanese stuff to be announced at e3 and tgs

T3mpr1x2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Such as...?

Update: Funny, other than FFXIII (Ugh, no thanks), those are all handheld games. When's the last time they had a stellar console game?

stealth500k2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

So? most of those handheld games are better and have more content than most console games. And have gottent high reviews

Thats were the money is in japan right now. Portables.

Incoming for DQ X on the wii though. That sounds amazing since its going to use the DQ 8 style

T3mpr1x2674d ago

So maybe Square Enix should just stick to portable games, since they've obviously lost their way when it comes to consoles? I'd hate to see that as I hold onto the hope that the company still has its old greatness hidden within...

knifefight2674d ago

A lot of those suck though.
Rocket slime...good but clearly niche.
Monster Joker....good for Japan, not for anyone else.
Revenant Wings...suck.
FF Gaiden...Polarizing.
WOrld Ends With You...Polarizing super-niche title.
3Rd Birthday...Suck.
Tactics Advance 2...Suck.

These aren't exactly brand builders here.

Keith Olbermann2674d ago

They made exclusive rpgs for the 360. That is the big one. They didnt give sony any love until ff13 and that game was terrible.

Tigerfist2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Which xbox 360 exclusive RPGs are you talking about?

TBM2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

the two horrible games last remnant, and infinite undiscovery.

rob60212674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Star Ocean, FFXIII with towns scrapped as Well.
Point is they took bribes to help sabotage the PS3 in Japan, Namco did it too; it's sad their market is now split between the handhelds in japan and PS3 in the rest of the world - so they'll never be able to compete with the West without having the same size market to sell to.

Jack-Pyro2674d ago

I miss you on TV Keith =(

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