Insomniac: Resistance 3 'It'll be Better than Resistance 2'

Insomniac is set to release their latest entry of the Resistance series this September. Today, Insomniac revealed several of the pre-order bonuses fans will receive from participating retailers as well as made a bold prediction about their upcoming release.

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PS3ROCKS2610d ago

It better be, Resistance 2 sucked.

DA_SHREDDER2610d ago

almost anything was better than R2. I dont get it either? Ratchet and Clank are so good, makes me wonder if Ted even had anything to do with R2's development at all? Surely a person who has at least half a functioning brain wouldn't have let R2 pass QA.

BakedGoods2610d ago

R2 wasn't *bad* as much as it just wasn't as good as R1--or rather, lacked the flavor of R1.

Compared to other FPS' R2 was solid.

HeavenlySnipes2610d ago

Those that claimed the 60 player TDMs are clusterfucks needs to learn how to play. Better yet, add me and I'll play with you. All the good players happily pick off all the idiots running into the action guns blazing as if you can't flank the other team because they are busy fighting 20-30 other people.

Custom games
Coop mode
Server Lists
Great unique perks
Split Screen dual sign in MP
60 people in big maps
Nice amount of modes and map variants.
Weapons all balanced. (There isn't any uber weapon like in most FPSs)

I have RFOM, just never played online back then. Too late now because there is no one on it last time I wanted to play (two months ago). I hate how people try to pretend R2 was shit.

killcycle2610d ago

Res2 didn't suck it just came out the same time as Killzone 2 so didn't get much attention.

darthv722610d ago

i have not yet completed R1 or R2. I play them off and on but generally back to back. Meaning I will play some R1 and then stop and play some R2.

Both are decent FPS games and I would expect R3 to be better than the second. I would also like to see a ps3 version of retribution if that is one of the psp-ps3 crossovers planned.

pixelsword2610d ago

R2 didn't suck, but R2 didn't shine in the face of Killzone 2; heck, Killzone 2 was probably the best FPS that came out in '09 and '10.

Resistance 2 was pretty good, but they lost their feel by trying to become like CoD with their controls and their 2 guns and lost the feel that so many newer games don't have anymore: that old-school, nine-weapon cycle of death.

SoapShoes2610d ago

@DA_SHREDDER - You realize that R2 is what the complainers of R1 were asking for, right? Seems now that R1 is older everyone looks at it with rosy glasses or the complainers have just moved onto other games...

People complained about the weapon wheel slowing down the gameplay, people complained about the lack of color, they complained about the segmented levels, they complained about health packs, and I could keep going on. This is why Insomniac changed it in the first place!

dantesparda2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I liked Resistance 2 way more than i liked Resistance 1 and i beat both. And Nathan Hale was such ageneric character in R1 but was so bad ass in R2

ThanatosDMC2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

I thought R1 sucked and R2 was so much better. I just wished there was full co-op on the single player campaign plus the 8 player co-op campaign.

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lil Titan2610d ago

R2 wasnt bad, saying it "sucked" is ridiculous thats a strong word. ill say it played different from the first one

news4geeks2610d ago

I genuinely thought it was worse than Haze.

the_best_player2610d ago

It was a great game I liked them both the same.

lil Titan2610d ago

@news4geeks Haze? are you serious?...your not a gamer

Kee2610d ago

What game did you play? Resistance 2 was great. The online wasn't as good as FOM but the single player was as good.

callahan092610d ago

I am always completely baffled by the hate that Resistance 2 gets. It got fantastic reviews, but more importantly I played it myself. I beat the campaign 4 times, loved it, it is just loaded with cool set pieces, awesomely designed battles, cool bosses, interesting platforming segments, and loots of really awesome weapons to play with. I played the multiplayer til I had about 3000 kills, which is more than I put into most multiplayer games. Some of the maps were pretty awesome, but more importantly I loved the Skirmish mode, it was a really cool twist having the sort of king of the hill component varying to the protect/hunt the VIP component. Then there was the SPECTACULAR co-op play. 8-players, class-bsaed, RPG-esque level ups and equipment & skill attainment. All told I put over 90 hours into Resistance 2. I was thrilled with it. And I thought the graphics were pretty spectacular in 2008 as well.

SoapShoes2610d ago

Yeah, I don't know where the hate is coming from. All I can say is RFOM fanboys??? I don't know, but everyone acts like it sucked when it was critically acclaimed by critics and fans when it launched. Not everyone liked it but that's all games.

FACTUAL evidence2610d ago


Resistance 2 rocked.....I probably owned you in deathmatch that's why you hate it.

OhMyGandhi2610d ago

that whole sequence of being in the mansion with that huge thing stalking around the outside made the game for me.

truly a damned scary recreation of every nightmare I've had since watching Jurassic Park 2's "T-Rex in the backyard" bit.

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MintBerryCrunch2610d ago

R2 tried to be something it was tried to do the same thing that GG did with KZ3...try to make the game appeal to more gamers, while in the process not staying true to the formula that made the game fun and successful in the first place

Pintheshadows2610d ago

Haha, I'm giving you a bubble. Not for your well written comment but for the fact you are MintBerryCrunch.

-Alpha2610d ago

That's exactly what I've been bitching about with Killzone 3.

Insomniac learned their lesson and are improving. Guerilla Games and more recently, Zipper, are trying too hard to please an audience that doesn't respect them.

I hate it, it's such an annoying fad.

VersusEM2610d ago

Hopefully it will be, but I'm not worried it won't be better than R2, I'm worried it won't be better than R1. Resistance 1 was one of my first first person shooters I've played & it was amazing, the look, the feel, the atmosphere, it really felt as if humanity was falling

Tommykrem2610d ago

When the first Resistance was released people complained about how grey and boring the graphics were, and with it the entire next-gen. When Resistance 2 released people complained that the colorful style wasn't true to the franchise. Same story with Killzone 2 and 3 when it came to heavy/light controllers. Some times you just gotta look away from everything surrounding the game and focus on what the game itself actually is. If you do that I think it's pretty hard to say that R:FoM or R2 sucked, or KZ2 or KZ3 for that matter. They might've done things against people's liking, but they all offer great quality gameplay and more.

blackburn102610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Very well said.No matter what you do there is always people who will complain. R1 was great but so many people complained that they tried a different approach. Then everyone complained that it wasn't like the very Resistance game they complained about and cheered when they found out that R3 was going to be like R1. I can just see Insomniac, GG and Evolution Studios offices lined with people banging their heads against a wall wailing 'What the f**k do you want from us?' It reminds me of an annoying wife constantly telling you to move a piece of furniture everywhere only to tell you 'You know what? it looked better where it was before' @ news4geeks you know you sure b***h a lot. Its kind of annoying.

BitbyDeath2610d ago

Should not be too hard, just make it more like Resistance 1.

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