Killstreak Rewards: Boon or Bane for the FPS Genre?

VGW: Since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released in November 2007, killstreak rewards have been commonplace in the online multiplayer in numerous FPS titles. Popularized by Call of Duty 4’s UAV (3 kills), Air Strike (5 kills) and Helicopter Strike (7 kills), the idea of rewarding players for staying alive while continuously taking out enemies has spread like wildfire, making appearances in subsequent incarnations of the Call of Duty franchise (World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops), as well as Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Homefront, and others. Players are being encouraged to play smarter, keep themselves alive longer, and are then rewarded with increasingly powerful enhancements–even going so far as to instantly end the game in the instance of MW2’s Tactical Nuke. However, is this entirely good for the genre? Do players really need incentive to stay alive longer other than the simple fact that they are denying the other team kills, presenting themselves with a better chan...

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solar2679d ago

i believe they promote camping and geared more less towards cohesive gameplay of a team and more towards K/D lone wolves.

only thing worse is regenerative health in MP.

quietlygamingaway2678d ago

regenerative health isnt a problem

spawn camping is quite annoying

2678d ago
blumatt2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Bane. Killstreaks are fine if they're not overly powerful. CoD4 had the perfect formula for killstreaks. (3 UAV, 5 Airstrike, 7 Helicopter) Then MW2 came in and went all "gung ho" with killstreaks and you couldn't stay alive more than 5 seconds before being re-killed by the same damn herrier. haha

HeavenlySnipes2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

had them. You don't get the reward from getting a killstreak, but by rather obtaining a certain amount of points. You can get this by getting kills, doing objectives etc.. You can then activate them at anytime. They also generally don't kill the enemy for you (only the shock thing that the noobs use, Pulse Cannon and LAARK damage enemies)

Invisibility, take less damage, ammo boxes that give extra bullet damage (the game didn't have COD health so its not that bad), adrenaline boost (run faster), ect..

admiralthrawn872678d ago

The "glory days" of shooters is long gone. the days when every game around the corner wasn't a shooter is over. why was counter strike and halo so popular? because there wasn't 44 clones of them per year. also tactics are long gone. nowadays its all about what the dev's give to you. your random secret ability like looking through walls on uncharted 2. abilities are great when they aren't secret and hidden. team fortress 2 is perfect example of how class based games should work. another downfall of shooters is the whole modern "cover system" when you can just sit there behind cover and not get hit till your ready to show yourself....its awful...

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