Top 5 Fighting Games of this Console Generation

A satirical look at the top 5 fighters of the current console generation. For all gamers, written by CliffyB3's fighting game writer, Friar.

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DarkCharizard_2678d ago

#1 Brawl
#2 Mortal Kombat
#3 Super Street Fighter IV
#4 Tekken 6
#5 Marvel vs Capcom 3

Yi-Long2678d ago

My list would include Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 as it's a nice little 'reaction' fighter which looks great, has a huge and varied cast, brilliant moves, a nice single player, and is easy to get into yet hard to completely master. I'd certainly prefer it over Mario Brawl as a 'party-fighter' (as in, when you have non-gaming friends over who want a fun game to enjoy...)

Also, I think MvC2 on XBLA/PSN is probably better than MvC3. It certainly has a better cast and a nice style.

I wish Def Jam Fight for New York would get a HD-remake for PSN/XBLA, plus obviously I'd love to see a new Power Stone being released.

Simon_Brezhnev2678d ago

I say take out MvC3 and put Blazblue CS. Well BBCS2 is my favorite fighter this generation.

@ Yi-Long
NUNS2 fighting was garbage compared to the 1st one. NUNS1 you can reverse grabs, jutsus, and customize attacks. They downgraded the game. I like how the story played out but i wish it was an open world like the 1st one.

jetlian2678d ago

game is the same only timing is more strict. 2 has more moves and better combos

Simon_Brezhnev2677d ago

Hmm the game is not the same so i guess you can reverse grabs, pick your own jutsu, or use QTEs to get out ultimate jutsus. Well i think your talking about NUNS2 right.

jetlian2677d ago

yea some things are gone like qtes and jutsu but they made it where you can alter the jutsu depending on how long you hold it down.

also better teammates they will take supers for you and you get to pick if the off,def, or neu.

throw reversal use subs

moegooner882678d ago

Mortal Kombat 9 is way better than Tekken 6

Quagmire2678d ago

Even as a Tekken nut, I agree with that too.

1: Mortal Kombat
3: Tekken 6
4: Street Fighter IV
5: Marvel VS Crapcom 3

Kluv2678d ago

replace tekken 6 with soul calibur and we're good.

Kurt Russell2678d ago

Maybe if you're a little girl we could.

Redempteur2678d ago

tripping in smash bros forces you to have control of your character , in short , just input the correct controls at the right time and everything's right .in fact the game just punish your indecisions ...

midgard2272678d ago

why does everyone say that mortal kombat 9 is good? im really baffled by this, it must be the blood because the core mechanics just arent good, you have some cheap characters like smoke and noob, then kratos is just plain bad.

the animations are stiff, the violence is mostly comical and funny. the gameplay isn't fluid at all and well I just don't understand what catches everyone with this game besides the blood. I mean there are so many clones in the game

Blazblue continuum shift is definatly the best fighter this gen when it comes to balance, character uniqueness, animations and fun factor.

soul calibur 4, dead or alive 4, marvel vs capcom 3 are very good aswell.

and smash bros is not a fighting game for anything who thinks it is. its more of a party/fighting game, just because there are to many random elements in the backgroundd/ pokeballs and power ups floating everywhere to make it even ground.

Quagmire2678d ago

I really think you miss the point of Mortal Kombat

Shok2678d ago


All you have to do in Brawl is turn the items off and go to a plain stage that doesn't have any "random elements in the background."

Problem solved.

And you sound like you've never played any of the old Mortal Kombats. Did you play MK II?

Kurt Russell2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

soul calibur 4, dead or alive 4, marvel vs capcom 3 are all the worst of their respective franchises... Therefore your opinions shall forever be deemed void.

And your face smells.

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