PSFocus Video-interview: Kenneth Schramm talks about Infamous 2: story, demo, ugc, and collectibles.

At the end of april Sony held an event to show Infamous 2. PSFocus got the change to talk with the communication director Kenneth Schramm from Suckerpunch. He gives us a good look at the sequel and gives some interesting information.

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NumOnePS3FanBoy2551d ago

cant wait for this game, pre-ordered hero edition.

KwietStorm2551d ago

I hate collectibles with a passion

TardcoreGamer2551d ago

Nice. I like this guy. He sounds like a AAA dev for sure. no bs.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2551d ago

it'd stink if they didn't have a way to select specific missions.