PS3/NGP Integration Being Taken Too Far?

"With Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference less than two weeks away, gamers across the world are dying to see what Sony reveals for their upcoming gaming handheld, NGP. Up to this point, not much information has been provided besides the technical specs of the device, but recently a new patent from Sony was published."

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Nick2120042640d ago

Sony's E3 2011 Conference is less than two weeks away! I can only imagine what they have in store for us!

Warprincess1162640d ago

No it not being taken too far, You should be thankful sony is being creative like this.

fossilfern2640d ago

exactly. what kind of article is this? If you don't use it you don't use it, simple.

hiredhelp2640d ago

I will second that.
also if hes ever owned a psp he will know all versions have supported tv outputs.

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Joni-Ice2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

WOW guys....Why all the hate on Nick? I don't think he meant that the ideal sucked. He said it wouldn't makes sense for them to use the Move controller without being able to view whats playing on NPG through your TV. Which make sense. I have the move and it would be impossible to use Move on the NGP WITHOUT being able to view whats playing on the NGP through TV. Calm down people calm down. The title was just to suck you guys in. It got me too.

sikbeta2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

How it can be taken too far? the only possible way is if you can transfer a PS3 game to the NGP and play it, but that doesn't sound bad at all, because you can choose to play it entirely on your PS3 or keep playing in your NGP whenever you need to go somewhere and stuff...


OK, I didn't watch the video but I kind of understand the thing based on what I read below, if it's about the possibility of the NGP to support the Move for gaming, I think it can work, if the NGP can be connected to a TV, if not, really odd...

darthv722639d ago

there needs to be more integration for the multiplayer aspect of things. Someone playing a game on the ngp competing or playing co-op with another on a ps3 (or 4) is something I believe sony is heading towards.

Perhaps they will come to a convergance of portability and home console in one. We are getting to that point of taking the console experience with you so why not actually do that.

Sega had the nomad which was a portable genesis that doubled not only as a portable but a home console as well. Sony could develop a platform that does exactly that. I have the psp go and can say first hand that such a platform could work.

I use a docking station that is connected to my tv and I can play any of the games I have for it on a bigger screen. The downfall is the lack of proper scaling when going from the portable screen to a bigger screen. Something the NGP could fix (or whatever the next psp version is).

I can actually see a sony system that does both and if they did that then there would be no competition between development of the games for each platform because they would be one and the same.

This isnt as far off as people think. If sony doesnt opt for this then MS could.

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DaTruth2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

PS3/NGP Hating Being Taken Too Far?

--------2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

It's been that way for a while...I like to think of it as:

"Sony have all this awesome cool stuff now, when we used to think the PS3 was doomed...waaa! :("

Call it fanboyism if you wish - I remember people thinking Blu Ray was a ridiculous Idea "Why not go with DVD?" Guess who got the last laugh on that one?

sinncross2640d ago

This patent for Move support on NGP is actually a good idea and I'll try explain why:

if Sony really going the cloud gaming route that means that you'll be able to transfer a game, or at least part of it, to the NGP from your PS3.

Now consider the move support in NGP? Essentially this means that all PS3 games could support cloud gaming to the NGP, even those that are move specific.

Yes, the idea is kind of weird and perhaps even impractical, but it at least gives you more versatility out of your PS3 and NGP if you own both.

Honestly, I think this is an interesting concept

Titanz2640d ago

What would gamers say if Nintendo allowed wii-mote functionally for the 3DS?

It's not a bad idea, but kind of bizarre.

TardcoreGamer2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


Joni-Ice2640d ago

I dont think these people even looked at the video.

Christopher2640d ago

I agree, but even then... Does documenting a feature that may never be used bad? Essentially, what they are doing is covering all their bases with the necessary patents.

As far as his thoughts, there's really no chance that the NGP won't be able to connect to a TV, either through an overpriced peripheral or your PS3, unless Sony's other plan is to stop selling movies, tv shows, and music all together.

Darth Stewie2640d ago

Maybe it will have Move support because the NGP might have a tv output.

killajd2640d ago

E3 is gonna be one for the record books! Why all the hate on Nick?

NAGNEWS2639d ago

Dude your show sucks, you need 2 refresh the show.

2,new logo
3,what's up with the song? change it to a simple one
4,5min or less and more talk about other things not just one thing.

jack_burt0n2639d ago

its prob an option to use the NGP as a pseye while you charge it.

that be useful.

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Christopher2640d ago

You can take it too far? I'm not sure that's possible. That's like complaining about integrating an iPhone with your PC going too far. The more integrated, the more capabilities of both.

news4geeks2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

It is too far if you can't hook it up to a tv, which I suspect you will be able to anyway but that's where the 'too far' comes from in the title and the video. If you were playing 3D with Move on NGP and standing a few feet away it would be ridiculous and quite literally too far. You should think before you type especially since you are a mod ;) Bubbles my way for intelligence please.

lol at the faithful n4g sony defence force attacking a completely unbiased article. Bubbles for well said :) Disgrace that I don't have more bubbles isn't it cgoodno.

frelyler2640d ago

Your comment died when you said you suspect it will have the ability to hook up to a TV. You then go on to try and make an argument based on a fact you already said you do not believe, before making your argument. Then in an even more ridiculous move you ask for bubbles for writing something intelligent. Seriously?

Christopher2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


Can't get enough of you *sighs*

1. PSPs can be hooked up to TVs as it is. It also doesn't use the standard video output, but a proprietary adapter. It's near ignorant to think that the NGP, which will replace the PSP for mobile media viewing, won't also have a similar, and yet way overpriced, proprietary adapter.

2. The camera in the NGP has been specced to be similar to what is in the iPhone 4 which is better than what's currently used with move. Higher resolution and framerate.

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news4geeks2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

oh my gaaaaawwwd a second bubble! I love you cgoodno! :D

@frelyler - that's a lame reply dude. I made the argument based on the facts of the article to justify the title.

FanOfGaming2640d ago

All I need is NGP in my life

jujubee882640d ago

This song should be playing every time there is NGP news.

lazertroy2640d ago

The more the better. Just adds more value to the device which will justify the devices the price.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2640d ago


Of course you'll be able to hook your ngp up to your tv. You could do the same thing with the psp.

malamdra2640d ago

you're wrong, the NGP doesn't have a video output, this was clearly stated on the january presentation

DaTruth2640d ago

If this is true my PS3 better be able to play my NGP games... come to think of it, I have the cable for my PSP and hardly ever used it! But PSP looks like crap on a 46" screen so that might be the difference!(even Peace Walker looks like crap)

soundslike2640d ago

Well if it didn't have one, I wouldn't be surprised as its supposed to be close to the power of a ps3? making the ps3 redundant lol. Theoretically, that is.

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