Nintendo DLC Planned for Project Cafe Games?

Nintendo's all set to reveal its new console at E3 on June 7, and one of the biggest question marks surrounding the platform is exactly what kind of online services it'll offer. Online has consistently been one of Nintendo's weakest points, and President Satoru Iwata has admitted that Wii's online offerings were subpar. Even if Nintendo doesn't offer a service that can rival the likes of Xbox Live, simply pursuing a more active DLC strategy could be a smart move. "Nintendo's online strategy to date has been terrible," M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon told IndustryGamers. "This is where Nintendo needs to completely turn around."

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Sinner101GR2609d ago

like what? Mario avatars?

donniebaseball2609d ago

Like anything! New levels, items, avatars, etc. Nintendo needs to get its act together on this front.