Minigames within games - the best and the worst

Megabits of Gaming writes: "A minigame can add a bit of challenge to an otherwise routine game task. It can provide a much needed break from a lengthy mission. If it’s ingenious enough, it can actually be the best bit of the game. Alternatively, it can be a piece of joyless padding thrown in by developers to get the playtime up, or worse still a frustrating obstacle to progress." Here are a few favourites and some that aren't so good...

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Tortilla2640d ago

Hated the Fable 2 mini games esp. the blacksmith one

Tortilla2640d ago

And actually thought the Left 4 Dead 2 one was pretty cool - a nice light hearted touch between knocking the heads off zombies!

ManBearPork2640d ago

No geometry wars? That little arcade cabinet in PGR turned out to be a great xbla game.

There also was some sort of tetris game in gta4, which was kinda fun.

Kurt Russell2640d ago

Shenmue was pretty good for mini games :D

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