Next Generation Portable: Four Things Sony Can Learn From The 3DS Launch (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): This is without question a critical year for Sony. The famous video game publisher came under attack by hackers who crippled PlayStation Network for well over a month, leaving millions of devoted fans in the dark.

This, despite the company's efforts to overtake Microsoft's Xbox 360 with PlayStation 3, and a new handheld, the Next Generation Portable, set for release this fall/winter.

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MasFlowKiller2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Great article
I would love to play MW3 on the NGP,
use my evo for tethering and play online anywhere

Between The amazing ps3 exclusives and Multiplatform games( Skyrim, Uncharted 3, infamous 2) & the NGP i am going to be broke as shit, thank god i have a job

Jio2640d ago

Same here, this year makes me which I were a millionaire

dragonyght2640d ago

games games games games need to say more

HeavenlySnipes2640d ago

2. BE A MULTIMEDIA DEVICE (seriously, the Ipod touch does more stuff than the 3DS)

Ii hope the NGP has great features other than gaming. People aren't going to spend $300 on a portable gaming console (well a lot will but you get me)

It should have a fast reliable internet browser, play music while in game, multi task, youtube app, twitter facebook etc.. apps, AND users can download and move files around FROM the NGP. I hate how I can't use megaupload or anything from my PSP.

beast242tru2640d ago

i love the npg two analogs and graphics that are niiice touch screen wifi and big screen just make it work really good with the ps3 like i wana be able to play some of my ps3 games on the go and ill be all over this baby

stealth500k2640d ago

Its going to be 300

And the psp had a great launch library that kicked the ds's ass

BUT, thats not really indicative of the future

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The story is too old to be commented.