The Overseas Connection Podcast #117

The Overseas Connection, the official Community podcast continues our march towards E3 this week. Join Murphys Law, Skulduggerer, guest host Jsslifelike as they comment on this weeks gaming news, new releases, and community feedback .

Topics Covered this week:

*Nintendo’s E3 expectations and predictions
*What would you like to see at E3?
*We quick hit on news headlines.
*Sony’s Press Conference to be 5 hours long?
*Modern Warefare 3′s launch trailer hits.
*Capcom says it will cut Wii and 3DS support.

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FanOfGaming2676d ago

Is Sony's press conference really going to be 5 hours long, like what could they possibly do for five hours to keep me entertained; wait, nvm.......don't answer that

Dlacy13g2676d ago

We learned post show that the press conference is really 90min but the whole event is 5hrs. ...its still long! loll

jsslifelike2676d ago

I had a blast(as always) recording with you chaps!