What Ever Happened to the Colored Wii?

Do gamers remember far, far back to E3 2005 when the Wii was still operating under the umbrella of 'Revolution'? It was a crazy time for all of them – especially for the people right here at 4cr. Things were good. The Internet at large was drooling over the PS3, the Gameboy Micro represented the final gasp from a dying system, and the Revolution was presented in a beautiful spectrum of five colors.

The birthday of the Nintendo Wii is rapidly approaching – and gamers are all still stuck staring at a sea of white consoles.

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unrealchris3988d ago

im still waiting for the black wii to match all my systems

Bubble Buddy3988d ago

Black wii and silver wii looks crazy

ManOnFire3988d ago

Nintendo has used colors in the past to help sales and since they don't seem to be able to make enough white ones we might not see any other colors for awhile yet.

jackdoe3988d ago

It went the way of the dodo when Nintendo realized that people would pick up a Wii, regardless of the color.

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The story is too old to be commented.