Cryptozoic Announces Digital World of Warcraft and StarCraft Manga

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced World of Warcraft and StarCraft manga, formerly published by TOKYOPOP, will debut for the first time in digital format for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users.

The Warcraft Legends Vol. 1 in digital format is now available as a free download until June 2nd.

Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy Vol. 1, and World of Warcraft: Death Knight are available. The StarCraft: Ghost Academy Vol. 1 and other Blizzard manga will be available in digital format at a later time.

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Medievaldragon2676d ago

Great news for Warcraft and StarCraft manga fans. Tokyopop announced last month they were going to shutdown their California headquarter on May 31.

Cryptozoic is taking the torch to keep the Warcraft and StarCraft manga alive now that no more reprints will come out from Tokyopop.