Countdown to May 31, a new ERA begins...

According to WWEGames Facebook page a new ERA begins...

Today WWEGames on Facebook posted "Countdown to May 31, and".

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CrimsonEngage2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I think they should use Natural Motions Euphoria engine to power the characters. That would make for some awesome matches!

Solid_Snake-2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

lol you havnt played wraslin games for a while have ya. that tech video is 5 years old maybe more. smackdown 2007 is far more advanced than that.

actually play the wwe games before spouting garbage.

2011 had full ring physics. if i DDT'd you and only your foot hit the table then your foot would go yellow/orange/red maybe even bleed.

DeadlyFire2641d ago

WTF are you smoking? Amazing. I disagree. The way it should have been in 2005 yes I agree. 2011 is a start, but certainly not amazing.

Today's engines are so much more powerful than SVR's engine its not even funny. That Euphoria engine is from 2007? and its 1000 times more advanced than SVR 2011's engine.

49erguy2642d ago

@ Crimson I can't believe people actually disagreed. I think that's a brilliant idea, but only for the high flying moves. A royal rumble would be hectic (not in the good way) using that.

Jamegohanssj52642d ago



DeadlyFire2641d ago

For those that don't know what Euphoria is. Its a next-generation tool for game development. Its been growing and advancing since its launch. It is in tons of games you probably never expected to see it in.

GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption, Empire: Total War, Enslaved, Shattered Horizon, Bodycount. As well as likely others.

If I had the ability I would like to create a PC wrestling game using this tech.

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CrimsonEngage2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Um i'v got SVR 2011. The animations on their are terrible. Natural Motions engine that powers "Backbreaker" is far from old tech. As a matter of fact Euphoria has only been used in a hand full of games. (GTA 4 and Backbreaker). The animations are NEVER the same. The physics in SVR are canned animations while Endorphins/Euphoria are created ON THE FLY.

Actually do some research before spouting out Bullshit.

These are the so called "amazing physics" you are talking about.

lmao what a joke.

49erguy2642d ago

WWE games are too animation based. I can't see how any fan would WANT the same animations rather than dynamic, physics based animations. The KIDS that don't want this change must not have been alive to compare these wrestling games to the golden age of last gen.

BlackHulk2642d ago

I agree with you man, this series is long over due of a new physics engine. I've been playing these games from the very beginning. It was sad that my CaWs had the same moveset for 4-5 games.