Grand Theft Cop - The Good and Bad of LA Noire

LA Noire is a superb game but it still has some glaring issues. GameJudgment's Nicholas Mastrodicasa examines the good and bad factors of Team Bondi's crime epic.

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pat_11_52522d ago

I think the author made some interesting points. I'm rather surprised you can' just apprehend a perp, I find it strange that if I'm supposed to be a good guy I'm always killing people.

xhedleyx2522d ago

Interesting point. I hate that you can't drive through fences but can run over pretty much anything else. It seems like a pretty strange design decision.

pat_11_52522d ago

I agree, I've cursed up= a storm (just like this author) quite a few times while driving around the city in free roam.

I don't care how old these cars are. When I'm cruising around at 80 mph and hit a fence it should crumble.

pat_11_52522d ago

You could always just drive slower :P I find it far to difficult and not a lot of fun to drive around slowly. I wan to fly through the city as fast as I can.