Gamereactor UK: NHL 12 preview

GR-UK writes: "As ever, its hard, event foolhardy, to draw judgement over a game so early in its development cycle. The basic elements are in place, and EA seems to be making good on the promises for this newest overhaul to the gameplay mechanics, which should add greater depth to the game. And while we're not sold on the extensive modifications added to the combat options, it at least reassures that as ever, EA is trying to replicate a sport in which anything can happen."

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Rikan2585d ago

These games are the epitome of consumerism and waste. These games do not offer enough change/innovation every year to warrant the purchase of another NHL gmae. What they should do, is simply release updates for these games. NHL '09, '10, '11 and surely '12 are all more or less the same. These games are really a waste of money.