Sweet Tooth Bot Preps to Invade E3

Twisted Metal dev David Jaffe tweeted this first look at the booth art being prepared for the game's E3 outing next month.

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Prcko2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

i wanna see new cars,and improved graphics!!!
Never enough tm news :)

KILLERAPP2679d ago

My God can't for this game bring back so many PS1 and PS2 memories, great times...

Kurylo3d2679d ago

This game looks like crap. Twisted metal 1 and 2 actually had a realistic feel to them in a surreal kind of way..

Afterwards the games just got way out there. I mean look at this... they turned a crazy icecream truck driver who is just an insane dude who wants to kill people... and turned him into having a transformer...i mean really? The military doesnt even have transformers.. how does this dude?


Ummm thats the fun of twisted metal because its twisted. People I Swear!

2679d ago
nevin12679d ago

During the PSN outage, Twisted Metal Black is one of the PS2 games I was playing on my BC PS3.

and you know what? Is still was fun. So I really hope they deliver on their 1st PS3 outing so they can work on Twisted Metal Black 2.


I was playing the Extra Twisted Edition the other day! Wish the game they were working on came out aswell! Open world Twisted Metal!!!!!!!!!I love my fellow TWISTED METAL brothers. Cheers to you all and cant wait to destroy all of you online. "The World will be my battle ground."

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