Splinter Cell Trilogy vs Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: In Game Screenshot Comparison

GB: "With almost every major PlayStation 2 classic in line for getting a uplift for the PlayStation 3, it was no surprise that our Third Echelon hero Sam Fisher is getting a trilogy release on the PlayStation 3.
So how exactly this HD remake is working in case of Splinter Cell Trilogy. For this we have compared it with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory and the results are amazing. The HD makeup seems to have resulted in to better textures and more realistic lightning."

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jaidek2678d ago

Splinter Cell was a great looking game on the last gen systems and the extra polish for Splinter Cell Trilogy is clearly there. I haven't player the third one in the franchise so I will be picking this up for sure.

despair2678d ago

end of july I believe.

Yi-Long2678d ago

... but I hope that this time you can just skip the intro in Chaos Theory, cause it sure as hell was annoying that every time you wanted to play CT, you first had to sit through about a minute of an unskippable video before you'd be in the menu to select your game...

Also, too bad they didn't make a HD-version of the 4th game, which was supposedly very good on the original Xbox and not so good on the 360, for whatever reason.

MicrocutsX22678d ago

Looks pretty much like the PC version of the games which isn't a bad thing.

gameseveryday2678d ago

Not sure how the PC version looked like, but pretty sure the HD version will look way better than what the PS2/xbox version looked like.

Kamikaze1352678d ago

I wonder why people disagreed with you, lol. Do they think the PS2 / Xbox versions looked better than the HD version?

clank5432678d ago

Yeah, there was actually an article saying that they used the pc version to port to the ps3. I can't wait to sneak around again. Pandora Tomorrow was incredible and I would love to play through all three of them again.

Croash2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Well it's not wonder it looks like the PC version of the game...They're porting the series from PC to PS3 :

"Hence we decided to port the game from the PC version which had more content and detail compared to the PS2 version."

So yeah, definitely not a bad thing.
I've never played Splinter Cell, so I am very excited about that collection, albeit I'd enjoy it more if Conviction was also available. It is, after all, part of the plot.

Edit: Clank543 was one minute faster >:(

ainsz2678d ago

Looking great, we definitely need more of these HD Remakes, I love 'em

wwm0nkey2678d ago

No online, no buy for me sadly :(

tablav2678d ago

3 Great SP games for the price of 1. I can live with no online. This is my 2nd favorite game franchise ever, after MGS and before Hitman.

wwm0nkey2678d ago

Not saying they are not great games, just really would only buy if Chaos Theory was online as that game had AMAZING online play.

tablav2678d ago

Fair enough. The MP on that game was REALLY popular. I'm more on a single player and split screen coop kinda guy though, to be honest.

despair2678d ago

they probably didn't want to shell out extra for the servers, I mean online cost and its not a priority for most people when it comes to those Splinter Cell games.

wwm0nkey2678d ago

Splinter Cell's online doesnt use uses p2p

Inzo2678d ago

This is where we older gamers have the advantage as far as enjoyability goes, we can enjoy a game whether it has online or not, the younger generation without online, well, your consoles are just paper weights. Youngsters these days.

wwm0nkey2678d ago

Hey i still have all the originals so I am good :D

Kamikaze1352678d ago

As soon as I saw that there won't be online, I figured I might as well just get it from Steam then since it's cheaper there anyway.

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2678d ago
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