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Submitted by eccothedolphin7 1649d ago | opinion piece

10 Reasons Why 2011 is Good for PC Gaming

PC gaming has never gone away, or weakend, but the public eye has often made it seem irrelivent. That is changing. If you are thinking about coming over to join us, here are 10 reasons that this is a good year to do it. ( Age of Chivalry , Battlefield 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Fallout, Lord Of The Rings Online, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, PC, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, Team Fortress 2, The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings)

1PC2PS33360  +   1649d ago
every year is a good year for pc gaming.

Been gaming in stunning 1080p with 8x anti aliasing on EVERY GAME for the last 6 years!
KeiserSosay4788  +   1649d ago
I agree. I finally got mine this past year, and it made me kind of pissed at my 360...well, my ex 360, lol. I mean, C'mon! BFBC2 for 5 bucks with better graphics, more players, better community, etc...can't beat it.
ATiElite  +   1649d ago
Two worlds II
Dawn of War II - Retribution
Shogun 2: Total War
Civ V
Portal 2
The Witcher 2
Star Wars:The Old Republic
Torchlite 2
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
Battlefield 3
Red Orchestra 2
Nuclear Dawn
Black Prophecy
Guild Wars 2
Defense Of The Ancients 2
Free to Play Games

yeh these are some pretty good reasons why PC gaming is great in 2011
BeastlyRig  +   1649d ago
Arma3 next year!!
SpLinT  +   1649d ago
not a very good list. BF3 and witcher. APB Reloaded, first one was trash. Age of Empires Online is hardcore farmville
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tdrules  +   1649d ago
you have never played Age of Empires if you consider it a copy of Farmville
Ducky  +   1649d ago
Seems to be missing games like Shogun2, RedOrchestra2, TrackMania2, and a hand full of indie games (Magicka, Terraria)... along with the continued evolution of existing valve games. =/
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eccothedolphin7  +   1649d ago
This list is far from complete, I know. These are some of the major ones that got my interest, and I wanted to share. I could easily do a list like this every week for why PC gaming is awesome.
zackacloud  +   1649d ago
1-Infamous 2 on pc
2-Type-0 on pc
3-Ps2 games HD remastared on pc
4-Psp games HD remastared on pc
5-FFXIII-2 on pc
6-KillZone3 on pc
7-Gears of War 3 on pc
8-Uncharted 3 on pc
9-WKC2 on pc
10-Sorcery on pc

Yes good reasons
dirthurts  +   1649d ago
I don't really get what you were trying to do there...???
Gears of War and Unchared I would like to see on pc, but the others, meh.
zackacloud  +   1649d ago
I would see them also on pc.

But I think companies same as Square Enix , Konami and Naughty dog ,etc. afraid to develop on pc.

The reasons:
1- Mods in their games.
2- More Budget.
3- Lack of experience in PC developing.
4- Extract files from their games

This my point of view.
Ducky  +   1649d ago
... You should've mentioned LPB2 and LA Noire over 'remastered' games, as bragging about being able to re-buy old games that are no longer compatible with your hardware isn't that smart a thing to do.
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zackacloud  +   1649d ago
I was to mention a loooooot of games but there just 10 reason and i put these randomly because there than 30 reason.
KeiserSosay4788  +   1649d ago
Troll is a Troll
zackacloud  +   1649d ago
So who mention Uncharted she/he troll!!

Why didn't u just say u totally wrong??


I'am not talking about exlusives but talking about games itself and their gameplay.
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KeiserSosay4788  +   1649d ago

I thought you were being sarcastic and pointing out the fact that PC players don't get to play console exclusives. If that isn't the case, then I'm sorry. If it is, then you're a troll.
BeastlyRig  +   1649d ago
Arma 3 & star wars next year!! yeah!
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pandehz  +   1649d ago
Lol you are trolling.

Trying to say its better to be a ps3 gamer?

Rofl I dont have time for second rate ps3 games trying to emulate pc graphics n tech.
zackacloud  +   1649d ago
Oh gears of war and FFXIII-2, mean ps3 gamer errrrr!!

I just explained the games itself I don't care about consoles if it PS3 or NES.

Just tell me who don't wish to play FF,GOW,GOW,MGS,UC,KH,SO,GT,LBP and a lot of games series on pc with the high settings and amazing mod.
ufo8mycat  +   1649d ago
I use to be a HUGE PC gamer back in the day where PC's had alot of exclusives.

I am currently playing The Witcher 2 and thoroughly enjoying it.

To be honest with you, PC gaming as been incredibly stagnant. There are hardly any games on PC, that I can't already play on my 360 (which is what I prefer). Sure the graphics aren't as good, but it's still the same game, so that excuse does not work.

Playing The Witcher 2 atm, whats next though? Diablo 3?. This very well might be the last time I upgrade my PC, as there is hardly anything left to play on the platform.

And please don't start dishing out the whole higher res/better gfx nonsense, because that shit doesn't matter, otherwise I would be playing mulitplats on my PC, instead of 360.

Of course I totally understand the avid PC fanboys to defend their platform (just like PS3/360 fanboys do), because I use to be one.
eccothedolphin7  +   1649d ago
Well, there are lots of PC exlusive games on the market. Arma 2, Red Orchestra 2, The Witcher, Dwarfs?!, Minecraft, Starcraft 2, Diablo III, Shogun 2, The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, and tons more!

A lot of mainstream gaming sites are console focused and they don't talk about these games, but that doesn't mean that they aren't out there.
1PC2PS33360  +   1649d ago
95% of console games are on pc, in actual hd instead of some shit resolution, they cost less, have mods, and soon, all ps3 exclusives will be on my pc too...when i emulate them and they look 10x better than they do now

btw, i have a ps3/360

only, they just sit there cause the graphics are so bad i cannot play them, and the witcher 2, uncharted 2 looks ugly to me now, the witcher 2 ruined every other game, just like crysis did in 2007

pc is my number 1 choice for games by a giant margin and i am completely unintrested in consoles except for Dark Souls, until the ps4/xbox720///won't be long!!

2011 new consoles please???
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HenryFord  +   1648d ago
so - you have no clue what it means to actually emulate another set of hardware? Emulating the PS3 - this won't happen the next 10 years or so.

Another thing is: It is virtually impossible to make a game look better then it does on the original hardware. Sure - you can throw some gimmicks on it, but you won't get any real benefits from it.
1PC2PS33360  +   1649d ago
lol...every game will be on pc sooner or later...the whole ps3 exclusive collection will be on pc in 2-4 years in actual hd instead of shitty sub-hd like it is now

emulators-they make your console game look good!
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HenryFord  +   1648d ago
I'll just go ahead and repeat my post because it is utmost interesting what people think around here... heck... even the PS2 isn't yet emulated very well. Sure - you can run a few games, a few of them even fluent, but the majority will have bugs and errors all over the place. If the game doesn't deliver in HD you cannot somehow magically turn it into an eloquent HD-picture. This just isn't possible (and somehow reminds of CSI: "Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!"):
so - you have no clue what it means to actually emulate another set of hardware? Emulating the PS3 - this won't happen the next 10 years or so.

Another thing is: It is virtually impossible to make a game look better then it does on the original hardware. Sure - you can throw some gimmicks on it, but you won't get any real benefits from it.

(This by the way is exactly why PC-Gamers tend to be the elitiests, because they believe virtually every single thing is possible with a PC. I also predict a shitstorm happening to my post - containing something like "lol - of course we'll emulate the PS3")
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1PC2PS33360  +   1648d ago
wow you are dumb, every console ever so far has been emulated, you really think the ps3 is special??

It will not take ten years, 5 at max and I'll be enjoying uncharted 3 and killzone 3 in beautiful 1600p with 16x anti aliasing(played both already on my ps3, killzone 3 looked so awful i stopped, jaggie central, uncharted 2 looked really nice but so low-res)
eccothedolphin7  +   1648d ago
I Emulate PS2 games just fine. The only issues are with some of the sound drivers, but that's not a problem with the PC, it's just sound driver issues and the fact that the PS2 is different in how games are made.

I know that PS3 emulators, and 360 ones, are in the works. Give it 2-3 years and we'll have them running.

And in I hate to come off as sounding like an elitist, but really, just about everything is possible on the PC. The hardware is gets better all the time, and the capabilities are endless.

And what do you mean by, you can't make a game look better than on it's original hardware? Of course you can. 3D games are made up of polygons and textures. You can smooth out polygons with aggressive Anti-Aliasing, and replece textures with high resolution ones. You can increase the resolution to make it even smoother. Lighting can be enhanced with things like HDR and post processing effects. And this is all without having to redo the game.

The picture I attached is for Morrowind, with a few graphical tweeks.

Related image(s)
HenryFord  +   1646d ago
Fun thing is - that isn't even true. The XBOX? Still not emulated very well:

And that thing is 10 years old and has a nearly identical chipset and architecture as a modern PC. So please - if you do not understand a single thing about emulation, hardware and processing units, you probably just should shut up.

The PS3 has a completely different chipset, it is a completely different architecture. Emulating this with x86(-64) processor is highly inefficient and near to impossible (this is CELL-Technology we're talking about). Do you know why the PS2 emulation is possible today? Because the hardware is more then 10 years old and the modified MIPS-Architecture suits a modern PC just fine - but not fine enough, just check the comp-list of the advanced PCSX2-Emulator:

There are problems with A LOT of games and NOT ALL OF THEM.

You cannot replace textures with HD-Textures if you do not have any. Of course you can apply AA, HDR-lighting, etc. - but if the graphics are shitty to begin with, it doesn't help to increase the resolution and the pp-effects. I didn't say it is impossible to enhance the graphics with modern technologies, maybe I didn't clarify this. Missing HD-Textures is essentially what I'm saying here.

A litte more explanation can be found here:
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