Modern Warfare 3 Preview Impressions: Looks Great, But We’re Hoping for a Story

GameFront, "In the run-up to E3, Activision offered journalists a chance to get a look at the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Reps from developers Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer played a demo video that showed two levels of the game, one set in a Russian-occupied Manhattan, and the other a covert operation that took place in London."

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Rybakov2555d ago

looks great.....if you lived in the year 2007

Kon2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I lived in the year 2007,and i think you lived too.

Rybakov2555d ago

yeah but 200 and came and was like BOOM.....and so on and so on till 2011 which is where i live now.....for 6 more months(since may is almost over)

AEtherbane2555d ago

Damn, 200? you one old man

GamerSciz2555d ago

Don't hold your breath for a long, engulfing story line. This is CoD remember...

vickers5002555d ago

What are you talking about? Call of Duty has always had a highly cerebral, complex and engaging story. Might I remind you of the time that explosion went off? How about the explosion that went off while you were on a JET SKI!!!

Or how about that time where TWO EXPLOSIONS WENT OFF AT ONCE!!!

Nes_Daze2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I really think 90% of COD fans don't even care much about a story.

StanLee2555d ago

They don't. Call of Duty is a wash of explosions and gun fire for 4 and a half hours and then it's over and you wondered what the fuck just happened and then go play multiplayer.