Is Nintendo Becoming Too Ambitious?

After a fruitful discussion yesterday about whether Nintendo has under-served their original core audience on recent consoles, Zelda Informer takes the issue one step further: are Nintendo and its developers becoming more concerned with satisfying their own ambitions than with being the best they can be?

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movements2676d ago

Stay mundane and people complain, try something revolutionary and they say you're too ambitious....WTHECK?

ChickeyCantor2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

It is easier to bitch and complain then to be open to different perspectives or ideas.
Most people here who hate different stuff ( like a console ) don't really have a legit reason.

Its a hate wagon, and everyone is the Train driver

Kon2676d ago

You can never please everyone.

GodofSackboy2676d ago

Mundane = good because mundane = powerful, i dont want a crappy underpowered console that runs on gimmicks, i want a bog-standard console with nothing special that is a hugely powerful beast

PygmelionHunter2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )


"Then get a PC."

Infernostew2676d ago

I'm fine with Nintendo trying something new with their hardware. Although the Wii is low on the list of my favorite Nintendo consoles, it was still fun and something different. My problem with Nintendo is that they always play it safe with their own developed software. I'd love to see something new done with the Mario and Zelda games as well as some New IPs. The last good IP nintendo made was Pikmen and although I don't like the animal crossing series, at least it was something new. Even their reboots feel very trite.

nopunctuation2676d ago

Nintendo doesnt have enough ambition. They need to get up to sonys level in ambition and release a console with no gimmicks and state of the art hardware. Release some new ips that are not 20 year old games that we got sick of in the 90s. Nintendos wii was a "safe" move. It may have sold but with that came the loss of their hardcore fanbase taht followed them from the beginning. Now they are finding out the hard way that casuals are not loyal gamers as their software slaes fall more and more. We dont need a console seller, we need a game seller because that is what you make a razor for. To sell the blades.

AWBrawler2676d ago

only the problem is that the fans of old left when they were in the gamecube era.

21 mill vs 85 mill says a lot, and all of those other 64 million who joined are not casuals. to think so would be ridiculous.

AdvanceWarsSgt2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

They have new IPs. As always though you fickle fanboys will either say they're crap or "not good enough"

Listening to you guys who never bought Nintendo products in the first place were the main reasons why they had to release the Wii.

soren2676d ago

like the PS move, SiSaxus, and 3 sequles in 3 years?

AWBrawler2676d ago

That's the double edged sword complex of Nintendo.
No matter what, they can't win! Even though they've won this Gen easily, some will argue it's a toy or that it's last gen, in order to soothe their own bruised gamer ego.

rob60212676d ago

I think Sony's in the same boat honestly, they literally can't win with our media. Nintendo might be walking on MS's turf now as well.

AWBrawler2676d ago

disagree +1

PS2 or PS1 didn't have this kind of flak when they ruled the roost. But when Nintendo reclaim it, Everyone is ready to dethrone so badly, that good games like Other M get low scores from famous media such as G4 and Gameinformer

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Stealth20k2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

People complain they didnt go far enough with the wii

People complain they go too far with project cafe

make up your minds people this the three little bears here.

BlmThug2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Actually They Arent Going Far With Wii2, They Are Just Catching Up (7 Years Too Late)

admiralthrawn872676d ago

because you know exactly what they are doing. go back to playing games instead of acting like you have insider info on what nintendo is doing. change your comment to "In my opinion, i believe they arent..."

Trroy2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

I haven't heard any complain about Cafe going "too far". More like "not far enough", which is identical to the complaints with the Wii.

At least Nintendo is releasing the Cafe alongside consoles it can compete with, this time around.

stealth500k2676d ago

its more like can the others compete with nintendo

jimmywolf2676d ago

just mean after this their next attempt will be just right

Nadasico2676d ago

My thing is what people are expecting from this hardware wise from what I've read is ridiculous. 1080p 60fps on every game I mean really...... Its expectations like that, that show me there are a lot of people don't have a really good grasp on current tech. A console of which seems to be slightly better still needs to be cost effective to compete. This thing is not about to pop up on stage with 4gb of ram, i5 2500k and a GTX 580.

The biggest thing about this move is it shakes things up. For them I'd say their biggest gamble in all this is the new controller. That and a new online system plus a slight increase in graphic fidelity grasp people before the nex gen console from the other companies. The thing with that is currently there hasn't been a big enough leap yet to warrant a new console. Keyword being leap PS1 to PS2 to PS3 those were all leaps that's the way this works.

A slight upgrade and possibly somewhat fun gimmick. Is not going to make the hardcore pass up good games on their current gen consoles. An like Jeff said on the bonus round which I said before the bonus round. What then when a year or 2 at the most the other consoles come out and demolish cafe's capabilities in every way. Perfect example, the bottom line of PC games are starting to move up on console quality graphics. An the top end is now starting to excel even further enough now that its starting to make a difference.

You could look at Crysis 1 awhile back an say hey looks better then anything on console. Though that was a push on top end at the time and some still can't play it decently on their rigs. This is why I say the bottom end of PC gaming is what showcases the actual step forward. There are front runners in graphics on every platform. It shows possibilities but it does not mean it automatically produces the best game.

As youtube would seem to show you more people benchmark Crysis than actually play it. The overall leap is what really gets people. Not just one or two graphically pretty games. Consoles have always been about the overall leap, forcing the bottom end have a new standard at the very least. The weakest link must be stronger then your last products best. Then you know you have officially made a leap and your bottom line has attained a standard beyond its former self.

Lastly for an example of the overall I'll say it like this. If Spyro was the worst looking game ever on consoles this gen. Then next gen it should look no worst then the best the last gen ever produced. That is only the shallow end of things beyond that the bottom line of everything else must move just the same. The bottom line of everything else the system does must move as well in the same fashion.

Consoles do not have the luxury of incremental upgrades at will. Which is why they make leaps an not small upgrades where the tech isn't that far from the current. They have the job of creating a new standard every time. Which is good for us, as everyone receives the same experience. While devs get tons of joy working with great hardware optimizing it for years to come. An are then able to concentrate later on things that matter game wise. Rather then worrying about implementing latest direct x or nvidia/amd proprietary software.

PC's customization is both a strength and a weakness. It creates freedom in all walks of your gaming. Though it also creates a rift with varying experiences due to hardware and software choices being so grand. One person uses steam another xfire another ventrilo and another team speak. An the constant issues with drivers, missing dll's and various other issues. With consoles you hop everyone on the network is available to you. An no one has a hardware advantage over you creating a single cohesive experience for all to enjoy who own the platform.

Shnazzyone2676d ago

You do realize the new systems video specs alone put it way above ps3 in graphical power right? That doesn't even take into account processor and ram capabilities. You have no idea how powerful it is but at this point, if they release it next year... it will be the most powerful console on the market. That's not a slight update... that's a gargantuan increase in power from the previous system.

Not to mention you are not taking into account the rumored expandability of the device. In the end, none of us know crap until e3.

Nadasico2675d ago

Shnazzyone You are not understanding my full point. Consoles are in part as affordable as they can be and must make a leap in capabilities completely enough to last at least 7 years. That means current high end tech like a GTX 580 currently cost $500+ not even including anything else. To provide a gap large enough to make it a leap in capabilities would cost far to much at this point. You have to remember building a console is not just throwing random pc parts in a box. That is why the current technology does not allow for a leap yet. It is not far enough and cost effective enough at this point for a leap.

I have a perfect knowledge of how far current tech is when it comes to gaming. I myself play on PC an can clearly see people running cards as high as 6950's having issues running quite a few current games at 1920 x 1080 60fps. They may not be at 25fps but its not staying locked at 60fps. When consoles make that statement, people don't want to hear it occasionally drops to 45fps.

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Rybakov2676d ago

no they need to step it up after they took this generation off and gave us a gimmick/shovel ware device that has a handful of playable games

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