Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Impressions (G4)

G4: "Which is also why CoD: MW3 looks exactly like Modern Warfare 2. In fact, besides some updates character textures, and additional weapons, it's very nearly Modern Warfare 2.5, as you're picking up right where the last game left off, and continuing your globe-trotting and gun fighting. They've added some new tricks, but from what we saw at our first eyes-on look at the game, you're getting exactly what you would expect from this franchise"

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ScubaSteve12678d ago

its just the same like mw 2 is

aceitman2678d ago

i guess we will see come e3 . but it looks like its not having to many good things said about it by the press to make me feel excited about it anymore . but like i said we all will see for ourselfs at e3 . that will be the judgement day .

AAACE52678d ago

I was worried about this game, but it seems like they are sticking to what works and expanding in other areas.

Either way, this game will probably sell well, si it doesn't matter.

BTW, people really need to quit downing CoD games. If you don't like it, just ignore it! We don't need to see the same people in several different post saying how much they hate it!

DeFFeR2678d ago

"you're getting exactly what you would expect from this franchise"

Right - CoD4 with a new skin, Noob tubes, danger close, knife wars, lightweight/marathon, dual wield nuclear shotguns, no scoping, nukes, retarded spawning and a whole slew of networking issues.

tdogchristy902678d ago

At the end of the article he says " you can't rebuild a trilogy on the last one." now I know it's not confirmed but is this current story arch a trilogy and for this story arch is this the final game, or expected to be?

waterboy2678d ago

maybe final one before cod future warfare

tdogchristy902678d ago

That's what I'm asking. I have no doubt the franchise will continue but I am interested in the story line and would Like to see a conclusion to the current story arch.

RyuCloudStrife2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

also IF a game continues where its predecessor left off, is it basically the same game as the predecessor? NO. You would think a sequel continuing from where the predecessor left off would be Ideal....

Graphics dont matter to me MW2 looks fine BO too.

Haters are reaching a new low as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrives. Its Sad. Pathetic. And Stupid.

Shmotz2678d ago

I love how when a game keeps its already working formula you lot bash it but when another series changes it up a bit and trys to advance said people bitch then to.