Xperia Play Hands-On: We Get Acquainted With The 'Playstation Phone'

Also known simply as 'The Playstation Phone' during it's early development, Sony Ericsson's brand new gaming-focused smartphone claims to be the ultimate hybrid. An exciting proposition, were it not for the fact that the last gadget to attempt such a cross-media offspring was the ill-fated Nokia N-Gage, way back in misty old 2003.

Why should you choose the Xperia Play over everything else? Stick with us while we wax lyrical on everything good and bad about this brave piece of hardware.

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IanVanCheese2459d ago

Looks ok but I think Sony have to accept that Nintendo has the handheld market pretty solidly

Protag222459d ago

I don't think thats the market they're trying to conqeur to be honest. A lot of people play games on their mobiles, and Sony are trying to give people a comfortable way to do so.

beast242tru2459d ago

(Next Generation Portable) thats all i have to say