Homefront Patch Now Available, DLC Details Announced

THQ and Kaos Studios have today announced that an Xbox 360 update is now available which should improve the recently released Homefront’s overall game stability and network connectivity. In addition, the developers have revealed the “Ability Pack” with this update which will be immediately available after download.

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ASSASSYN 36o2640d ago

What about the crappy hit detection and invisible barriers around objects like rocks or static destroyed vehicles?

2640d ago
genocidegeneral2152640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

ill join in,
what about ps3?

lucifon2640d ago

Are all these free? Doesn't state any price for the map pack or ability pack?

Dlacy13g2640d ago

I know for certain the ability pack is free as it went live with the patch. Given its only two new maps this also might be free.

I for one welcome the news as this game is one of my favorite shooters this year for multiplayer.

sit down droid2640d ago

Same here mate :D im currently 4012th in the ranking on kills with a 2.45 k/d ratio which is ok actually lol. But it is easy to get around 50 kills a game though while going for objectives as well. Who knows, we might of popped each other in the head at some point!