Sony is working on PlayStation 4

Eurogamer: "Sony has confirmed that work on a "future platform" to follow the PS3 "is already under way". Sony's executive vice president and chief financial officer Masaru Kato made the revelation on a conference call to investors today. He was asked to explain increased research and development (R&D) costs."

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Emilio_Estevez2579d ago

Expected, takes a while to get something like that made from start to finish.

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zeddy2579d ago

apple is also working on ipad 3!

--------2579d ago

I can't wait to be sitting infront of a 52" HD TV hooked up to a launch release PS4.

I'm gonna have to put some towels down when that happens...

Kurylo3d2579d ago

u do realize ipad3 will be released in less then a year. So I dont understand your point.

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darthv722579d ago

it was rumored that when the ps3 finsihed up development, sony started looking at ways to take the cell and build a better system around it.

To think they havent been working on a newer system since the ps3 is foolish. MS has been working on a newer system as well.

The big question is predicting what the tech will need to be when the time is right for release. The base of the platform can pretty much be figured out with the speed of the cpu and amount of memory. It is making sure you have the right gpu and media format when that time comes.

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creatchee2579d ago


I don't think that the PS4 will use the Cell as Sony sold of the rights to it a while back to either Toshiba or Samsung IMSMC.

duplissi2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

they then bought it back just a little while ago.

FACTUAL evidence2579d ago

Please have the account integrated onto the ps4! Besides that, please make psn on par to these up to date services.

Bull5hifT2579d ago

Apple is already working on ipad 5 , there just trying to choose what small downgrades to make to it and release them as 3 and 4

llMurcielagoll2579d ago


Sarcasm my friend.

Vherostar2579d ago

Indeed just because it wil probably be released in 2015 doesnt mean it wasn't started in design in 2009 or something.

AAACE52579d ago

It's illogical to let a competitor showcase a new product without showing something yourself, which is why Ps2 released after Dreamcast and Nintendo and MS released 1 year after that! This gen, Sony and Nintendo released a year after MS.

Regardless of what kind of bullsh*t they feed us to get us to buy a console, they cannot let a competitor have an advantage!

Regardless of power, 360 and Ps3 will be viewed as old tech when Nintendo's next hits the market! It would be foolish to let Nintendo have a new, shiny, more powerful console on the market to compete with consoles people would have bought already if they really wanted to.

Regardless of fanboy, Ps3 and 360 will probably last for 10 years, but it will be more of the role the Ps1 and 2 played.

BattleAxe2579d ago

PS4.....16 Core Cell Processor, 4GB of Memory and a GTX can dream.

zak94ma2579d ago

well its not that big news its already known . the question is whether it will be an upgradeable console or not .

MaxXAttaxX2579d ago

PC isn't even far ahead enough to call it "next-gen" (not a diss).

When we see a BIG difference(like the gap between PS1-->PS2 or PS2-->PS3) then I think next-gen will be ready.
But we're not there yet! The tech isn't far enough.

At least 2 more years.

ChrisW2579d ago

Good grief! Just to let everyone know, a good console making company starts working on the next gen the day they finish making the current. It's common sense and a damn good business practice!

DeadlyFire2579d ago

Not a bad spec Battleaxe, but since its mostly thread based processes that are required for the power. Its more likely 16 threaded Cell CPU instead of 16 cores. Could easily be only 2 or 4 cores and 16 threads. If Cell is used. Its possible they could swap to Power series of CPU. Like Power7. It resembles the Cell design very much so. Production in 2010 so its first showcase is here. Has higher frequencies. 4, 6, 8 core capable per chip. up to 4 SMT threads per core. So 4 core chip could easily be 16 threaded. Produces only slightly more max GFlops than the original Cell CPU. I say this is the revised Cell CPU they were talking about still showing up in some form around 2010/2011.

I doubt 4 GB, but I am hoping for at least 2 GB.

About any GPU releasing in 2011 or 2010 is probably the most likely GPU set for this console. Well depending on which GPU goes towards this one. Right now its anybody's game. PowerVR 6 GPU looks like most likely since PSP 2 is sporting PowerVR 5 GPU.

bakasora2579d ago

Tell me something i don't know.

arjman2579d ago


Of course you can have that dude, as long as you're willing to sell your car

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hiredhelp2579d ago

EXACTLY this is common practice for sony and even nintendo.
This shouldnt be blown out of paportion as this still wont be shown for years yet. He said ten years it be ten years.

Sony take years in testing comming up with new ideas and testing products not forgetting getting the system once agreed to , to be patend.

We around half way there with ps3 i know we can go further with the system and with bluray that helps alot. With NGP it will easyly see us threw and beyond the launch of ps4.

frostypants2579d ago

hiredhelp, the 10 year lifecycle of the PS3 does NOT mean that it will be the only console they offer for those 10 years.

The PS2 had a 10 year lifecycle, too, but that didn't stop them from introducing the PS3 halfway through it.

hiredhelp2579d ago

sony never stated ps2 would ever be a 10 year lifespan.
when i sated we wont be Shown a ps4 i meant it wont be launched b4 10 years. i stand by that
that doesnt mean to say they will out info or keep us posted with the new ps4 when its due time.

just not putting it onto the shelf.
i know the ps3 went out on sale while the ps2 still selling. thats plain to see just like the psx was still going when the launch of the ps2. why sony soo frikken good at what they do they still never forget them left on the shelf playing the old systems support is always there to some what.

Olly2579d ago

Sony have said during their E3 conference that the PS2 has a 10-year+ lifecycle, all that means is they're supporting it for 10 years. This is because the PS2 continued to get support even after the release of the PS3.
There's no doubt that Sony meant the same with the PS3, they will continue to update and support the platform for 10+ years but will introduce the PS4 into the equation within the next 2 or 3 years I should think.

Honestly, when they said 10-year lifespan that's all they meant.

HappyGaming2579d ago

PS1 1994
PS2 2000
PS3 2006/07
PS2 2012/13

Its a console every 6 year plan...
6 years is more than enough to notice a graphical leap...

Crysis came out in 06 and PS3 couldn't even run that on high!

I love my PS3 but if the PS4 can run games like Battlefield 3 in 1080p (and maybe even 3D) with a solid frame rate... and we have people like Naughty Dog Santa Monica GG and others making games that all look better than Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3... I would buy the PS4 tomorrow.

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HolyOrangeCows2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Nice troll, I mean, try. Working on new hardware has nothing to do with the online service, and you know it.

The big 3 work on the successor really quickly after releasing. It takes a lot of time, negotiation, and money to create new consoles.

I'm interested in what's next, but I don't really want to buy new hardware just yet.

malamdra2579d ago

I think it's safe to say that Sony has been working on PS4 since the PS3 was released

but not in an specific form, separate departments might work on technology developement, some might end up being used on PS4, some on NGP and some not used at all

Itzy2579d ago

I'd be shocked if they weren't working on it in same stage back then. Hardly news.

Mikeyy2579d ago

Exactly, this isnt news at all. I need to post a bs common sense article like this, so I can get a free pass to getting voting rights on articles and stuff.

jack_burt0n2579d ago

Said it before, it wont be a new machine it will be an update, its far too risky in this climate to let go of a 50million userbase.

The new ninty device has nothing to do with the wii its a totally different demographic. Shovelware will continue printing money for them.

There is also no other way to get BC of ps3.

DeeZee2579d ago

Sorry, it'll be a new console and they won't be letting go of the user-base, many PS3 gamers will move on to the new console, and it'll play PS3 games more than likely.

jack_burt0n2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

All the ps3 needs is ram, the gpu can be entirely bypassed, couple more ram with maybe a GPU revision or another cell, and ur back at supercomputing.

Ever notice how ps3's get daisychained in order to do military stuff ever see the multi ps3 GT5 2K demo?

It was built to be expandable, why did they buy the cell plants? how else could you do BC with PS3 games!?! Seriously Bluray is the new standard and is upgradable right now in the ps3 to 70gb.

Think how cheap that add on would be to manufacture....
Or you create an idiot box lite PC with a crappy 08 gpu and triple core cpu that was designed around the unreal engine and charge $400 for it clearly the n4g crowd will lap it up ffs.

LOL a new machine is letting go of your userbase ffs come on, it means starting from scratch again...

if they release an upgrade to the ps3 and then a standalone PS4 that incorporates the additions that is a much stronger strategy. Sony make very little on hardware anyhow.

PS360PCROCKS2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

"All the ps3 needs is ram"

Entirely untrue, it needs a better GPU hands down, the CPU is a monster. Your claim is so ridiculous what do you expect people to just send in a PS3 and get a ram upgrade? You can't upgrade ram on a GPU, you have to build a whole NEW GPU. Consoles are not made to be updated and most likely never will be.

People pay best buy to setup online on PSN and XBL for them, you really think half the PS3 owners will have the brains to A.) know how to change ram or B.) actually know what they're sending it in for? It's not a PC it's not like dedicated slots on a motherboard.

Great idea though, I'm sure devs would love creating games for systems with varying amounts of ram. Or what, make it a MANDATORY upgrade? Sure, i'm sure a customer wants to hear "send me your PS3 or you'll never play a new PS3 game again, only old ones. "

Carlos_Irwin_Estevez2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


Its not a pc, the ps3 is not designed like a pc.

He is talking about an external expansion, the GPU in the ps3 can literally be bypassed what part of that dont you understand!?

It looks likely, there are a few patents flying around about a machine that looks just like that.

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frostypants2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Late 2012/Early 2013. Book it. I am immensely confident of this. Sony will do whatever the market and competitor behavior demands, and all signs point to that timeframe.

The PS3 will live on, however, much as the PS2 has lived on during the PS3 lifecycle.

f7897902579d ago

Ehhh maybe. I don't want it to happen though.

I always liked hardware upgrades because it allowed games to do new things. With everything that current games have, I don't see much more being added. There's no benefit to a ps4 at all besides super fancy graphics.

davekaos2579d ago

I will probably get laughed at here but this is what im thinking.

Now sony own the manufacturing rights to the cell this only means the cost of the ps3 will drop and im thinking $200 £150 to be announced at E3.

With that being said straight after that announcement i can see sony saying they will be making the ps4 with 2 cell's and updated GPU for a launch price of between $250 - $350 £200 -£300.

One can dream anyway

Youjustjelly2579d ago

Very wishful thinking, The last thing Sony wants to do is put another Cell chip in their next machine.

davekaos2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Why would that be the last thing sony would do???
They would not buy the chip out right just to stare at it. Also Devs are now starting to understand its architecture so that would mean developing for PS4 would be a breeze

fluffydelusions2579d ago

I think Sony will make it easier for devs next time around like they have learned to do with the NGP.

MoveTheGlow2579d ago

They had to explain R&D costs. Meaning they're researching and developing the console right now. In terms of hardware specs and launch prices, it looks like they'll have nothing of the sort at E3. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get a PS4 teaser, but nothing that describes the nuts and bolts or the price.

davekaos2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

@ MoveTheGlow
I sort of agree with you there but when people see R&D (research and development) most would assume that means complete new system when infact sony could be reseaching how well 2 cells scale or developing a main bord that will allow 2 cells.

The only people that know is sony and what is above is just my guess because manufacuring costs will be lower on the cell which to me makes sense to add a second in ps4

f7897902579d ago

You're a little optimistic for the ps3 price drop. Maybe $50 down to $249.99.

As for your estimated ps4 price cost, yeah I'm laughing big time. I doubt Sony will touch the $600 mark again but will choose to go for $400 and $500 models.

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Fanboys_suck2579d ago

It is not wise to reveal the development of PS4 while the PS3 is still on the market, as the consumers, who are aware of this and are planning to buy a PS3, would wait for PS4 and not purchase the PS3 in order to save money, which would decline PS3's sales.

"Expected, takes a while to get something like that made from start to finish."

Do you have proof to support this statement?

I think the only reason why you have that many "Agree"-ies is because the loyal PS3 users, who have read the article, may have felt that the development of PS4 would affect them as that would indicate that the PS3's life span is almost at an end. Similar to Adolf Hitler, you may have said what these loyal PS3 users want to hear; an indication or a statement for them that the PS3 is not coming to an end.

Anyway, I find your comment to be extremely ignorant.

b163o12579d ago

Did not stop people buying PS2's months after the PS3 dropped, just saying......... ©_©

Fanboys_suck2578d ago


incorrect; the release of PS3 when PS2 was still is the market did decline PS2's sales.

And read carefully, as I stated that the PS3's sales would "decline" not "stop".

sikbeta2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Of course they're working on the PS4, same happened with the PS3, they were working on it a couple of years after the release of the PS2, in that time they already chose the Format Disc for the PS3 and working on it, the thing I want the most from the PS4 it's Full Backward Compatibility for PSX, PS2 and PS3 games...

lil Titan2579d ago

PS3 still got years on it, im sure they not gonna release it soon unless the competition release what they have

BF3MW3OMGBBQ2579d ago

Hop enot i wan to paly ps4 now.

Cerberus292579d ago

"Sony is working on PS4"

Um... Duh. This isn't news.

GameGambits2579d ago

The sky is blue. News at 11!

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a_bro2579d ago

well, isnt that obvious?

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Dart892579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I really don't see it getting revelead at lest until 2013.

@Freud Why are you still bringing that up that's a thing of the past just let it go already jeez.

Look to the future not the past nor left or right.

@Stephen i understand you're frustration i also got my MK codes to download but,ask you're self this do you want them to take they're time and make it safe or you want them to rush to put it up again so hackers can get at it again??

Stephen55432579d ago

Technically it's not a thing of the past until the shop goes back up...I still am waiting to put in the codes to download content that I've already paid for. It's not that big of a deal, but I'm just sayin.

fluffydelusions2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

I think a lot will depend when MS announce/release their next console. Also the next Nintendo console may force both to release early too...who knows.

hiredhelp2579d ago

It will be good. It still have bluray but it be 100gb XL BD i reckon
Imagin a game being around 80gb

Dart892579d ago

But how many devs would actually take advantage of that much space is what im wondering??

a_squirrel2579d ago

It depends if the CPU and GPU can handle that. (or whatever thing they have)

PS360PCROCKS2579d ago

"It depends if the CPU and GPU can handle that. (or whatever thing they have)"

huh? Disc space has nothing to do with the CPU/GPU

RevXM2579d ago

Ps3 is already compatible with discs as big as and maybe larger than 400 GB...

Ps4 on its way?
No shit I though sony was going to stand by as Nintendo and microsoft ... you know.

All joking aside its really good to hear that it is official.
And maybe they show us a little something at TGS?

Microsoft... what do you got?

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Prcko2579d ago

I cannot w8 to see new console!

Consoldtobots2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )


dont care if it's $1200

but seriously though, anyone that's seen LA Noire on PS3 knows theres plenty of muscle left in the console.

frostypants2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

It won't be $1200. In fact I'll bet it comes in around $400 or less. Assuming they stick with the Cell architecture and Blu-Ray, the initial manufacturing costs should be MUCH lower this time around. The PS3 was unique in the amount of new tech that it had under its hood.

EDIT: I also am 100% in agreement with Speakindatruth's post below.

Consoldtobots2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

i know thats why i followed it up with "but seriously", some people are soo touchy around here. lol

wit that said i would love to see it come with 8GB XDR ram, 2 upgradeable SSHDDs, 2 cell processors and dual core gfx. The game possibilities would be virtually limitless on a beast with those specs.

ASSASSYN 36o2579d ago

$400! Frosty pants you so funny! I LOL'ed big time at that!