Resistance 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

PSBlog: "Do you like burning Chimera to a crisp with Air Fuel Grenades? Maybe you want to play as Nathan Hale on the Chimeran battlefield? Or perhaps you’d rather wear Chimera teeth as a war trophy? If so, we’ve got something special for you. Today, we’re announcing the Resistance 3 pre-order program, offering unique packages and bonuses to customize your Resistance 3 experience when it launches this fall"

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Dart892374d ago

Can't freaking wait for this game.

LarVanian2374d ago

I almost shed a tear upon seeing Hale's multi-player skin. That will most likely be the closest we'll get to seeing Hale in R3 :´(

pixelsword2373d ago

Hale has a few genetic tricks up his sleeve yet...

ABizzel12373d ago

I hate specific pre-order bonus. Well it's either Gamestop or Best Buy. I wonder if you can pre-order everywhere and cancel.

Quagmire2373d ago

I always believed Hale would be the antagonist of this game, but the voice actor said he wont be in it. Although, if he does turn out as a Daedalus creature, the voice could be different I suppose.

Hale > Capelli

ScubaSteve12374d ago

i hate this preorder crap, why cant it just be in the game

theonlylolking2374d ago

It is just the game but with some extras.

ScubaSteve12374d ago

ik, it will be nice to have those extras in the game so i dont have to preorder it else where.

vickers5002373d ago

As do I. This "exclusive to individual retailers pre-order dlc" is a bunch of bs and is getting way out of hand.

rob60212374d ago

Oh well at least I'm glad Amazon has the best one I usually order from them anyway.