Controller Design Matters!

Video games are constantly evolving. As are the systems and handhelds we play them on. Even the controllers in our hands that allow us to play the games we love (and may not love) are ever-changing. What was once that uncomfortable rectangular brick with a directional pad and two face buttons has become a sleek, ergonomically-designed purring machine with control sticks, multiple face buttons, triggers and shoulder buttons, and all without a cord now. Sometimes we take for granted those lovely buttons labeled A, B, X, Y, or X, O, Triangle, Square. But we must confess: a video game controller’s design is an integral part of our experience playing a video game.

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gameguru2558d ago

love the 360 controller in my hand :)

Kon2558d ago

Yep. Nice and smooth. Fits perfectly in my hand

Pixel_Enemy2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I do prefer the 360 controller in my hand over the DS3 but I prefer PS exclusive titles. Conundrum..

I need ben heck to make me one of these

afterMoth2558d ago

Ugh, I hate the 360 for its horrible dpad, making any fighting game worthless. The sticks should be symmetrical like the dualshock. At least the triggers are nice.

BlackKnight2558d ago

Dpad sucks but the rest is perfect.

I totally wish I could get a controller like that Pixel....

I bought a controller that was close to identical to the 360 controller that works on PS3 but the deadzone on third party PS3 controllers is fucked up. ARGH!

gamingdroid2558d ago

The Xbox 360 controller is by far the best ergonomically designed controller. I love the Xbox 360 controller, but the d-pad is sh!t!

A distant second, but honorable mention is the DualShock. It got the placement of analogs done correctly, but the shape seems to be more for looks than ergonomics.

None the less it towers way over any controller below it.

The odd man out, is Nintendo. They always made oddly looking controllers if you think about it. NES to SNES was a natural and well received evolution, but N64, GameCube and now the Wii (which works really well)! They never stayed consistent....

Of course the ultimate controller (for desk use) is the keyboard and moues!!!

HolyOrangeCows2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I'll never understand how people don't think the dualshock is ergonomic at all.

My palms rest on the recessive handles while my thumbs reach out and rest on the convex control sticks and they don't slip (I guess it's because my fingers aren't covered in cheeto dust or KFC grease, b/c I'm not a fratboy/fat gamer), my middle finger curves at the curve at the bottom and rests against the back while my other fingers rest on the handles, and my pointers wrap around the curved side, with the exception of the gap which doesn't affect my grip at all.

People will make the "Mah big manly hands!" argument anyway, despite the controllers being almost identical in size (Those people must have thought the ORIGINAL original xbox controller was the greatest thing ever, right?). Besides, I have fairly medium-large hands anyway.

Other than the "dinner plate" D-pad, I've never had issue switching between controllers.

"Of course the ultimate controller (for desk use) is the keyboard and moues!!!"
For accuracy, the mouse is great. But despite having lots of keys, the keyboard is easily the least innovative way to control a game ever. I'd rather have some innovative "mini-menus" and such than press a bunch of different keys on a broad, flat, unintuitive thing like a keyboard.

Itzy2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I like the Xbox controller, but for some reason after time my hand will cramp up. The DS doesn't feel as ergonomic, but I never have that problem on it for some reason.

Something else I noticed, ever take the 360 controller and the Dreamcast controller and compare. The body is different, but the button and trigger layout and position is nearly identical. Seriously, if you have the two controllers, put the Dreamcast controller over the top of the 360 controller and compare sometime.

In the end - I can't decide between the 360 controller and DS. I really have no preference. The busted D-pad kinda sucks, but at least not many titles use it.

Spitfire_Riggz2558d ago

I just hate the ridiculous battery pack sticking out the back. Get a built in rechargeable battery and I will be sold

nnotdead2558d ago

i like both controllers for different reasons, but the battery pack in the back of the 360 controlling is a game breaker. i have a wired 360 controller for my PC, so i don't have that problem.

gamingdroid2558d ago

That's odd, since I consider the battery pack to the be one of the reason I like the Xbox 360 controller.

Easily replaceable with standard batteries. It's not in the way either, as the placement is well too.

beast242tru2558d ago

yeah i must say the xbox 360 controller is really comfortable the ds3 comes in second

theonlylolking2558d ago

but the shape of the 360 controller can't be beat.

Both the PS3 dualshock 3 (DS3) and the Xbox 360 gamepad are quite similar in size. With both controllers laid out, the dimensions of the controllers are roughly 6 x 3.5 x 2 inches. The Xbox 360 controller however does have slightly more girth around the handle area causing you to cradle the controller instead of grasping it like the DS3.

Fighters such as Street Fighter, Tekken and Soul Calibur require the use of the d-pad to execute precise moves. However, due to the finicky nature of executing a move, exact precision is required. When observing the d-pad of both the standard Xbox 360 and the PS3 controllers, you will notice a significant difference between the two.

On the standard Xbox 360 controller, the d-pad is utterly useless due to its odd design. Moves are extremely hard to execute because you literally feel like you are trying to move a single piece of plastic, versus having independent up, down, left and right angles.

This is where the PS3 dualshock controller excels. The d-pad on the DS3 is actually quite good. The angles are very easy to hit on the d-pad to execute special moves in games. Despite being on a single piece, the d-pad actually feels like the up, down, left, and right angles are on separate buttons due to its partitioned bending design. When you press down, the character will actually squat or sidestep down, instead of starting to walk forward or backwards due to inaccuracy.

Most racers utilize the Xbox 360 triggers or L2 and R2 on the DS3 to accelerate and decelerate. I can see that Sony wanted to make the L2 and R2 buttons more like race car pedals, where you experience increasing pressure or resistance the more you press the L2 and R2 buttons.

The Xbox 360 triggers are a single solid spring action press, similar to that of a trigger of a gun, hence the name triggers. Once fully depressed you actually experience less resistance.

In theory, the PS3′s DS3 ‘triggers’ look good on paper, but perform poorly in practice if you are not used to them. You will even start to lose grip of the buttons after holding on for a long time. In contrast the Xbox 360 gamepad’s triggers, once fully depressed offer very little resistance ensuring less fatigue and longer gameplay time.

Analyzing controller performance for shooters is extremely difficult because a huge part of it relies on gamer preference. Traditional console gamers who have used the dualshock controller since the days of PS1 more than 10 years ago, will swear that the dualshock is the best controller for shooters. The dead zone is an area around the center of the analog stick which allows for the aim to rest without the on screen reticule moving all over the place. After careful analysis of both controllers, the PS3 has a slightly smaller dead zone than the Xbox 360′s gamepad.

This means that the Xbox 360′s gamepad has a larger dead zone, or area where little to no movement is registered. The PS3′s DS3 has a smaller dead zone, meaning that it takes less effort to register a movement using the analog stick. The PS3′s analog stick is also noticeably loose compared to that of the Xbox 360′s analog stick, which offers a bit of resistance. With a larger dead zone it takes more effort and motion to make a movement. Coupled along with higher resistance or friction to the analog stick, it can lead to over compensation for gamers. Also sloppy aiming occurs due to greater motion required to achieve a movement. The razer onza fixes that for the xbox 360.

Since the PS3′s DS3 has a smaller dead zone the analog stick is much more responsive. Also, with the analog stick being looser, and have more room to move it is more akin to a mouse’s movement(still not quite there).

theonlylolking2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )


No, I did use some of the stuff from gamer blorge but a lot of it is mine.

I used some of gamerblorge stuff because I agreed with it.

YourFlyness2558d ago

Its Cross not X on the PS controllers

Croash2558d ago

Eh, it's the same... -.-

Or would you rather see SSX changed to SSCross?

Pillville2558d ago

or watch a Cross-Rated Movie?

floetry1012558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I like both the Duelshock and the 360 controller. If I had it my way I'd combine elements of each. It's entirely personal preference, but I like the right concave stick and triggers on the 360 controller and would probably place that on the Duelshock to make the best possible controller for my hands.

I only just bought my 360 last year with Reach. Using the controller for the first time after years of playstationing gave me serious monkey grip :p

CrimsonEngage2558d ago

360 controller for me. PS3 controllers thumb sticks are in awkward positions where as the 360's left stick is in a more nature position and the sticks don't stick way up out of the controller.

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