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"L.A. Noire has some outstanding points. Things like facial animations, superb voice acting, and a fantastic sense of atmosphere help to draw you into its world, but unfortunately that’s where the praise stops and the faults become too hard to overlook. It overstays its welcome, because after the first 4-6 hours you feel you’ve seen everything L.A. Noire has to offer, but unfortunately it will drag itself on for much longer than it needs to. You will need more than just patience to enjoy this game and overlook its many humps. I can only safely recommend this game to those with extra money laying around to just rent it, because with little replay value and so much repetition you may feel ripped off."

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gameguru2643d ago

how can the guy reporting this story be so dumb? theres a link to the full review just above the summary

AnthonyAccinell2643d ago

I did click through. It's that paragraph, with some bulletpoints below it, then a score. It's not a review at all. Could probably fit that entire thing in one Twitter post.

gameguru2643d ago

after clicking through, just above the summary, see there's a line with a link saying... "click here for the full review"

AnthonyAccinell2643d ago

Well, I stand corrected. Is it too late to say "great review"?

GameGambits2643d ago

:) Nope if you feel that way go ahead and let it rock.

The site uses a double format for reviews: The Lazy N4G bullet points review, and then the full written piece for those who want to read the full thought process.

Assassin Nawabi2643d ago

pretty much deserves the score, one of the most over-rated games this gen

RufustheKing2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

can't say anything about La Noire but RDR and GTA4 where over rated as well Rockstar haven't made a good game since GTA:SA

DeeZee2643d ago

Not a shocking score, even though I love the game, I can understand that there will be people that hate it. Now The Witcher 2 is a different story, anything below an 8 is unforgivable lol :)

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The story is too old to be commented.