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disturbing_flame2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Comparing a GT game to a rally game, with all that hatred in this article, i loled.

you will got all the clicks you want, but it's embarassing how bad this review is. ;)

AvidGamerrrr2558d ago

Other than the title, there isn't a comparison to GT 5 at all. There is also no hatred in it. Did you read the review?

MariaHelFutura2558d ago

Other than the first thing you see...there is no mention of GT5. Ok....

No one would even read this review if it didn`t have GT5 in it.

fastrez2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Moot tag line, DIRT3 and GT5 are completely different games.

Otherwise. Solid review.

Lirky2558d ago

Yeah i agree rally is apart of gran turismo universe, only thing gran turismo does not have is street racing with fast and furious modded styled vehicles.

mrmancs2558d ago

online pass purchases are a f**king rip of , and game companys who add it should be white washed and not have there games bought , cheeky ba*stards , we pay for the game we pay for dis we pay for dat , what next? pay for a s*it? 5/10 for online pass games, nothing more than they deserve!

LightofDarkness2558d ago

If you buy the game new, you get online for your money. You buy it used, you can pay a small tithe to the actual developers, rather than the guys who gave some kid half what the game's worth off and sold it to you for more. They're the real crooks.

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