Could A New Xbox 360 With Built In HD DVD Drive Help Beat Blu-Ray?

Microsoft could be working on a new Xbox 360 entertainment hub to compete with the PS3. This new version of the Xbox 360 games console would have a built in HD DVD drive, larger internal hard drive and possibly even a dual HD TV tuner and a docking port for an MP3 player.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4069d ago

Are all XBOX 360 sku's gonna come with HD DVD or only 1 sku? Because if it's just 1 sku and it's more expensive with HD DVD then only people who care about HD DVD will buy it. It's sorta like the HD DVD add on.

ruibing4069d ago

Yeah the main reason 360 hardware was doing well was because it didn't have HD-DVD so it had a lower price, if it adds HD-DVD now to an SKU, it can't possibly cost less than the 40GB PS3. Too late for 360, but maybe good for the 720 if HD-DVD is still breathing by that time.

sonysoIdiers4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

XBOT360s are fail faster than the speed of bullet.

PS3 is the real king of console in the market today -- better quality, richer graphics and features, and outstanding games library!

If you're a true HD fan then buy the PS3 - made in Japan - it makes you feel like a genius.

skarn4069d ago

outstanding games library?

I bet i can count the number of exclusive games on ps3 with two hands, and the number of good ones with one..

wil4hire4069d ago

If not, why is it out selling HD-DVD.. the players cost way less than bluray.

XxZxX4069d ago

according to toshiba, blu-ray has magic numbers LOL

snoop_dizzle4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )

not even close. a lot of people who are buying hdtvs aren't even watching hd content or at least a lot of it. Its changing, but a lot of people don't even know what bluray and hddvd are.

that will change in a few years, but as it is, a lot of people don't even know you can play bluray movies on a ps3. or eve nthe difference between the two.

the general public is quite negligent about these things.

to them its like, plug the yellow cable, white cable and red cable, in their respective slots and there you go. In fact that probably how some people hook up their hd sets. one of my friends parents just got a 1080p 61" samsung dlp led, and aren't watching anything in hd, not even an upscaled dvd player, and my friend said the picture is awesome. I looked at him a little strangely. And his parents are loaded too, so there really is no excuse, though they may be getting digital cable with hd content or something.

Fortunetly it will change.

in about a year or two though, what you said will probably be true at least to a certain extent.

Marceles4069d ago

"a lot of people who are buying hdtvs aren't even watching hd content or at least a lot of it. Its changing, but a lot of people don't even know what bluray and hddvd are."

I think he means if any of them owned an HD player they own something that plays blu-ray whether it's a PS3 or a standalone. Also, I think by the time people do know what it is, they'll hop on blu-ray and the price of blu-ray will have gone down alot. The same thing with DVD and PS2 at the time they were released...the DVD cost more than a PS2, then by the time everyone started paying attention to it, the price went down. I mean speaking realistically, more people have heard of blu-ray than HD DVD. Take that idiot Michael Bay...he didn't even know what HD DVD was until someone let him watch 300 on HD DVD. It's all word of mouth, with Blu-ray being the bigger mouth for now. If Blu-ray keeps their exclusive studios, there will be more of an option for people to decide on blu-ray...but anything can happen (ex. Paramount jumping the blu-ray ship)

Kuest4069d ago

the issue!

The question is not WHICH HD format is currently in the lead (Blu-Ray), instead this article is contemplating whether or not a 360 built in w/ HD-DVD will be able to INCREASE the format's sales. That's it- and, quite simply, the answer is YES... but at what cost?

Just read comments #1/21 and you will understand.

wallace10004069d ago

I myself and several people that i know own HDTVs and have neither an HD-DVD or Blu Ray player. To be honest i know of no one that owns either player. I think that people with HDTVs and an HD-DVD or Blu Ray player make up the minority. The majority of people with HDTVs own neither because most they don't want to buy into one side of a format war, and because HD cable/satellite and an up-converting DVD player are better value for money to the majority of consumers.

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Boink4069d ago

but right now both formats are fighting DVD and digital distribution, and loosing badly.

Atomic Rage4069d ago

dude your right i have hdtv 720p and still love my dvd's no way i'll spend $1,000 on blu-ray or even less on hd-dvd. If the 360 came with a hd-dvd why would i want to replace my current dvd collection with hd-dvd's. that wolud be insane (not mention $$$$)

Game Crazy4069d ago

I agree. I have a 1080P HDTV and I still havent upgraded to Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. DVD's are fine for me right now. Besides I would hate to be the person who chose one format over the other and ended up with this generations "Betamax". It will take a few years for a HD optical format winner to emerge. The biggest problem is that the studios are divided on both formats. Some exclusively support Blu-Ray, some exclusively support HD-DVD, while others support both.

The bigger problem is that Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combined only amount to 1% of all total home movie sales. That shows us that people either dont care about HD movies, dont know about HD movies, or dont have hardware to support HD movies. Plus HD movies are more expensive than DVD's.

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mighty_douche4069d ago

its not like current owners havent been able to play HD-DVD through the 360, the add-on is avaliable everywhere, yet not many have.
blu-ray has out sold HD-DVD sinse day 1, the longer they continue the more harm this will cause consumers further down the line. this "war" is more about coperate politics than it is providing consumers with the better tech, and to be honest they're taking us all for a ride and frankly im getting sick of it.