Are Violent Game Players Really Desensitized to Violence?

VGW's Jen Bosier:If there is one thing that we, as the video gaming public should no longer be surprised by, it is the “discovery” that “violent video games are bad, mmmkay?” It seems at least once or twice a year we are treated to a major onslaught by the news media for some game or another, which is generally followed by a case study or other hypothesis that games are destroying America’s youth. The recent study conducted by the University of Missouri is but one of many claiming irrefutable proof that games are directly linked to violence.

But we're not sold.

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dangert122611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

My favourite games this gen

Mass Effect 1
Killzone 2 (Online)
Valkriya chronicles 2
Modnations Racers

I actually killed a guy once. I blame gaming for my actions.

I saw Geth attacking earth so put on my ISA uniform and built a track that would lead me directly to the battle.
uppon Arrival at the battle field me and my friend avan acquired a tank and called it 'greaz' then deployed for the mission. I ran to the first sand bags as thats all my stamina would allow at the time and shot from a distance (every little helps) i reloaded and was and regained stamina and ran point blank infront of a geth said 'square' placed my aim for the head of the geth the first to shots hit the next two missed and bam the last one was the one to x that geth bastard. then i captured a flag and moved to a next terratory....

serious note, i have a criminal record that make anyone who don't know think i am a violent person but i've never done anything as serious as the day i killed the geth ;)

morale of my story don't blame games
and yeah they are my fav games lol

Just_The_Truth2611d ago

I don't think it's entirely games I think it's how people use them if a 11 has access to M rated games which contain constant violence and sex etc yes that's going to effect them parents need to be aware of what they buy for their children, and if you have mental issues or are dramatized in some way and all you play everyday is kill the enemy kill him it ok and fun then it's a problem

Saryk2611d ago

Horse shit!

I have been playing games since the Atari 2600 and never stopped. Played the most violent games made during my time. I still cringe watching a movie with violence. If I saw it in real life, I would shit my pants.

If I get a Bible and kill someone, is it the Bible’s fault?
If I watch movie and kill someone is it the movie’s fault?

Society needs to stop blaming materials for people’s actions.

Roper3162611d ago

could not agree more with you. Society always needs someone or something to blame rather then looking in the mirror and putting the blame where it belongs.

Wardog13682611d ago

The study just shows a correlation. Correlation does not prove causal. Basic Science. Thanks.

Pintheshadows2611d ago

The rape scene in Last House on the Left was the most unnecessary disturbing thing I have ever seen. Compared to everything in the many games I have played. Games let you vent but if you saw someone get shot for realz then no amount of Manhunt 2 would prevent you from shitting yourself.

There is a point in my post somewhere. I'm sure most of you will piece it together.

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