NGP Still on Track For This Year; Full PSN Restart This Month

Adriasang: Just in case you had your doubts, Sony has confirmed that NGP is still on track for this year. The company mentioned its next generation portable during an earnings briefing earlier today, saying, as quoted by audio site Phile-web, "Regarding NGP, we're progressing with preparations towards a release at the end of the year."

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RudeSole Devil2678d ago

Really looking forward to switching out my PSP for this! This better support tv out

a_bro2678d ago

i dont think it does.

TheDivine2678d ago

I really want one but sonys just like nin and apple there will be a new model in a year with tv out and il wait for that, plus it will prob be slimmer and lighter. They even said they held back features from the psp so they could update it with slim, camera, tv out, exc. If it can play through the ps3 on my hdtv il b happy but i love tv out/hdmi out for bringing it to a friends house and thats just moving backwards from the psp in that reguard.

SoapShoes2678d ago

Um they held back those features to keep costs down. Of course later models will have nicer hardware because the price to produce it goes down.

RankFTW2678d ago

Hope it isn't any more than £300 or I'll just have to spend more!

Jack-H2678d ago

Cool, though I really doubt it will have anything that will make me want to play with this over my ps3.

Soldierone2678d ago

I love Sony (read my past comments to prove it) but honestly I doubt lol. How many things have they "unofficially" dated and then delayed. Remember PS3's three or four delays, PSP had two I think, Killzone, the list goes on.

I can't wait to get my hands on it. When actual pre-order begin ill be first in line to get mine.

jack_burt0n2678d ago

yeah but this time its using off the shelf hardware, and the thing is built from the ground up for easy porting SDK, and its being built in china so no nuclear radiation to delay it.

They might actually get it released.

Soldierone2678d ago

PS3 was built the same way. Only the Cell processors were built in Japan, a majority of everything else is pre made and put together in China or other countries.

Granted they are not putting in a blu-ray player in NGP (at least I would assume not lol)but there has to be something new in it that makes it worth buying, and something like that doesn't come off a shelf.

LoneWanderer092678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

buying the NGP for sure

Pillville2678d ago

The NGP really needs a killer app/game. PS3 game remakes won't be enough. It needs something that is purely its own, gives itself an identity, and will make people go out and spend the money.

jack_burt0n2678d ago

no commercially it needs to have MW3 portable on release.

nevin12678d ago

I think you got disagrees because alot of people would have the console version aswell.

SoapShoes2678d ago

Really because the DS AND 3DS both have launch window titles that are 64 ports and no one gives a rip. It does not need its own special IP only for it, it just needs good games whether they are new or established franchises.

Do you honestly think people care if a new system has nothing but new IPs when Nintendo's systems have been living off of the same franchises for decades?

Pillville2678d ago

The DS was successful because the of new touch screen and new style games like Brain Age and Nintendogs.

The Wii was successful because of the new motion controls and new style games like Wii Sports and Wii Fitness.

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