We Are Arcade: Spot The Difference

As the aesthetics of our games grow more and more diverse, is it still possible for developers to use techniques like palette swapping to “westernise a game”, or has the divide between them grown too large?

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... I think I might be one of the few western people to have seen and played the original, because my chinese neighbour bought it when he was in Hong Kong.

I LOVED that game. It looked good, played nice, liked the main character, etc etc.

Decap Attack though, didn't interest me at all. It wasn't colorful, it didn't have interesting characters, and I can't possibly imagine what they were thinking when they decided this would be better suited for the western market.

Just one of many MANY stupid mistakes developers and publishers have made throughout the years because of 'marketing' concerns...

edit: that original Mystery Dungeon covers looks MUCH better than the western version btw. I wouldn't even pick up the western box to look at what it is, but the japanese box looks great!