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conjurdevil2430d ago

oooo....chilling.....although I wish ezio had a more badass voice like altair.He was an amazing character truely depicted himself as a assassin.

guigsy2430d ago

Altair will be in Revelations.

aCasualGamer2430d ago

Man I am... SO PUMPED FOR THIS!!!!

Truly on of the most underrated franchises this gen. You keep hearing about other AAA titles and never about this one. Assassins Creed is this gens true classic, we will be talking about it many years from now.

I think Sony has sealed another deal with Ubisoft for this game, and hopefully we will see a NGP title aswell on their press conference.

Daver2430d ago

Im pretty sure its going to be a good title like previous one but I cant wait for Ubisoft to get rid of Ezio, this character suck in my opinion.

Escamotage2430d ago

you mean you wish altair had a badass voice and had a professional voice actor... like ezio.

strange19862430d ago

Agreed, I always thought Altair's voice seemed out of place.

clank5432430d ago

Hey! It looks like Assassin's Creed! I can definitely go for another romp with Ezio. Hopefully I don't have to hear Desmond whine as much.

SoundGamer2430d ago

Oh, E3! You can not come fast enough!


red2tango2430d ago

Finally, because AC2's ending was easy to deal with as a cliffhanger, but AC:B fell short.

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The story is too old to be commented.