League of Legends Darkwill Tournament Rules of Registration

Fellow Summoners, the Darkwill Tournament is fast approaching and it’s time for everyone to get registered. For those interested in entering this tournament you need to ensure that you meet all the requirements for this League of Legends Tournament. Be sure and familiarize yourself with all of these rules because nothing ruins the fun of a tournament as much as breaking a rule and be sure to register by June 15, 2011. So follow all these rules and have yourself a great time summoners.

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Eades2678d ago

I'm gonna be bringing my A game... I'd go so far as to boast that I am the greatest LoL player, possibly in the universe, and will crush this tournament no sweat ;).

Seriously though, can't wait!

flipmop442678d ago

Well I hope to get a good look of your abilities soon :)
I'm sure you would destroy me.

Laxman2162676d ago

You would both destroy me, thats for sure!

Laxman2162676d ago

Good luck to everyone who enters. Dont think im good enough to win, or even compete in a competition like this.

flipmop442676d ago

Its all for fun in my opinion