Kojima Productions to have 'Special Announcements' on June 2nd

Kojima Productions will be making 'several' announcements.

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Prcko2489d ago

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PS3!!!

gameseveryday2489d ago

Probably ye, but the keyword here is 'several'.

From the article:

"If you guys remember, back in 2005's E3, Konami announced three Metal Gear Solid games at one go. Will this happen again?"

I think there will be a number of MGS titles:

1. Rising
2. MGS5: a canonical one
3. Peace Walker HD
4. NGP title

pedrami912489d ago

1. Most likely

2. Doubtful

3. likely

4. Likely....unless the whole "PSP remasters" thing is the reason Kojima is upset.

TOO PAWNED2489d ago

No trophies no bye from me and hundreds of thousands more. Just saying.

kingdavid2489d ago

Also Snake Eater remake on 3ds.

himdeel2489d ago

I've said it before and will say it again. They've got that juicy MGS4 engine just laying around collecting dust. They need to wipe off the cobwebs update the engine and update MGS Peace Walker on that updated MGS4 engine OR create a new MGS game using that engine.

--------2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

But has anyone (they probably have) considered that something to do with Rising could be the reason Kojima is upset? He's been working on that for a while (or at least overseeing it)

Also...I need more MGS. Immediately.

solidboss2489d ago

to Rashid Sayed and to all others who dont know this:
hideo kojima himself says that mgs peace walker is considered mgs5. it just doesnt have the number on it(even though it did when they started developing the game) so please STOP saying mgs5: a canonical one or a real mgs5 because PEACE WALKER WAS MGS5 according to the man himself kojima!!

TXIDarkAvenger2489d ago


You buy games to earn trophies? what a trophiewhore.

FOXDIE2489d ago

Lets hope for a MGS4 subsistanceseses!

Istanbull2489d ago

Zone of the Enders 3 PS3
Peace Walker HD
MGS Trilogy on PS3

These 4 announcements and I would be happily donating 1 million dollars to Kojima.

EeJLP-2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

What Istanbull said, minus ZotE3.

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malamdra2489d ago

-Peace Walker is coming to PS3 but NOT to NGP

-Kojima will announce two new games: one for PS3 and one for NGP, which will have some sort of interaction if you have them both but can be played individually, my guess is that is Zone of the Enders

-he might announce Metal Gear Solid 5 but only a logo or a teaser with no gameplay will be shown

-and he also might announce Rising's release date

solidboss2489d ago

please go here:
iv'e already said it and now i am going to show evidence...once again PEACE WALKER IS CONSIDERED MGS5 so stop saying he will announce mgs5.

tablav2489d ago

@ SolidBoss

Who cares? Then it'll be MGS 6 IF they decide to make another MGS title? If another does come out, I'll be happy...I certainly won't care what it's called.

Sneak-Out2489d ago

Its Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for PS3 and NGP

Mystickay862489d ago

We need Zone of the Enders 3.

Dart892489d ago

Or an HD remake of the first 2 while they work on the 3rd one.

C L O U D2489d ago

I remember watching the first Zone of The Enders trailer on the DVD bonus of MGS2...good times.

EeJLP-2488d ago

Zone of the Enders is garbage. Bad anime mixed with a bad Armored Core game, no thanks.

GodofSackboy2489d ago

We dont need that shit, we need MGS5 for the love of god

Crystallis2489d ago

Zone of the Enders im hoping.

Batzi2489d ago

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PS3
Metal Gear Solid 5(EXLUSIVE on PS3)
Story trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Rising

That's all I want.

Crystallis2489d ago

No Zone of the enders Batzi?

Batzi2489d ago

I never played ZOE :p I'm a huge Metal Gear fan :D

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