Forza Motorsport 4 to include profile and livery imports

XMNR: All the hard work that Forza Motorsport 3 owners have put into that game whether it be racing or coming up with custom liveries will not be lost. Forza 4 will include a Profile Import option to reward fans.

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green2488d ago

Profile import. If i am not mistaken, that is clearly a first for a racing game.

Queasy2488d ago

Yep. I can't recall a racing game series that had anything like it.

The_Ultimate_Guy2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

It's really no surprise. Turn 10 is just innovating once again that the competition will have to catch up damage in a racing sim on consoles.

StanLee2488d ago

Man can you imagine all the gifted cars you'll probably get? I can't wait. I have about half as many cars in my garage but livery import and profile import is what I'm most looking forward to.

Leathersoup2488d ago

Interesting that they have an RUF car in the list. I wonder if they lost their Porsche license.

green2488d ago

They have the license for both manufactures.

kingdoms2488d ago

Great. I have put more hours in F3 than any other game previously owned.

Perjoss2488d ago

looking at the disagrees, there seems to be 2 people around here who know you better than you do.

Kon2488d ago

Sorry but this game will own every single racing game released.

Nes_Daze2488d ago

I think Forza is one of the best racing games out there, but I don't think quality wise it's the best, then again, racing sims are not my thing.

Youjustjelly2488d ago

Hey Kon, how about just enjoying the fact that Forza 4 will be a great racer without the obvious trolling? No need to turn this into a flamewar dude.

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