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CheatCC says - Silent Hill: Downpour has the potential to be one of two things. It could either be a grand return to the old school horror of Silent Hill's past, or a phenomenal disappointment that could very well be the final nail in the series' coffin. Silent Hill has been one of the most iconic horror franchises ever since it kicked off back in 1998. However, these thirteen years have made gamers harder and harder to scare, and the Silent Hill franchise has meanwhile been slowly dropping in quality. Ever since Silent Hill 2, we haven't really been getting terrified by this shady mountain town like we used to. While there were rare and innovative exceptions to the rule, like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, most of the Silent Hill games to date have paled in comparison to the ones released back when textures were blurry and character models were blocky. Now, the Silent Hill formula is so far removed from that of the original games that development has been put in the hands of Vatra Games in the Czech Republic. Can this fresh new outlook on the franchise be just what it needs to get back on its horrifying skin-flayed feet?

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ps3destroyer2607d ago

If the door things is true then huge win for Vatra Games.You don't know how much I was cursing Konami for having stupid doors that you couldn't do anything with.Looks good and going.