Hunted: The Demon's Forge launch trailer

TVGB: "Bethesda's shot out the launch trailer for inXile's Hunted: The Demon's Forge. The cooperative RPG hits shelves on May 31st in North America and June 3 in Europe."

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banjadude2675d ago

I can't believe this is arriving next week. Pretty stoked!

jneul2675d ago

woot it looks gory awesomeness

joydestroy2675d ago

i'd never heard about this game until a few weeks ago. it does look pretty good. plus it has co-op! might pick it up

Rampaged Death2675d ago

Looks really mediocre to me. I see it getting 6's and 7's

yamzilla2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

look fun to play, but graphics look 6 years old, hope thats the console version and the pc looks 10x better, bargin bin wait for me, should only be a month or two, still waiting on dragon age 2 (pc) to hit the sweet $15 spot as i heard it was mostly crap, mostly

won't be long
it's already $25

this game will be $10 in 1.5 months post launch...

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