Missing In Action? Has your favorite franchise gone dormant?

"Gamers love when a brand-new franchise takes their world by storm, but sometimes you just want to see an old friend. Several high-profile franchises have yet to see the light of day on the current round of home consoles, and for what reason? I look into the present whereabouts of some franchises and offer my best guess on whether we’ll see another instillation anytime soon."- WilliamTimothy

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Fir3truck2679d ago

Man I wish Star Fox would come back I love those games.

TheStonedSheep2679d ago

I'd reckon that Sly 4 is Sucker Punch's next title.

maxcavsm2679d ago

Yup, teaser trailer says that its coming!

Godmars2902679d ago

Worse: Front Mission went into the FPS crapper where in five years there might have been two standard games. A remake of Gunhazard for PSN/XBL.

williamtimothy2673d ago

wow thanks Fire. I didn't know you submitted it.