GTA 5: Rockstar Deal Seals 2012 Release - Analyst

NowGamer: EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich tells us what Rockstar's new deal with Take-Two means for Grand Theft Auto 5...

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S25802611d ago

i think an October date is more likely, most other gta games were released then, and iv was planned for October originally.

skyward2611d ago

It'll be very interesting to see GTA V go up against CoD, although a shame it wouldn't be a Modern Warfare title. After RDR and LAN really excited to see what sort of refinements are made to GTA

steve30x2611d ago

I hope it comes to the PC. I only need a console for GT5 and upscaling DVD's. (I know I will get one idiot disagree with me without explaining why)

Dee_912611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

"I know I will get one idiot disagree with me without explaining why"
Welcome to N4G :D
you get disagrees for having an opinion

Apparently some people cant tell the difference between a real opinion like your statement and trolling and or dumb and not well thought out statement like steveb360 below

I hope the next gta coming early to mid 2012 the wait is killing me

ATiElite2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

Obviously you have a Gaming PC and a PS3.....Dam them DVD's you should be watching Blu-ray's or streaming HD video to your TV from your PC.

P.S. most HDTV's have built in upscaling tech that whole "upscaling DVD player" thing was all a sales gimmick.

GTA 2012 sounds right but what ever happened to Agent.....guess E3 wi will find out.

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SteveB3602611d ago

GTA V will be better on 360. That is a FACT. Look at GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire and Halo Reach. All better on 360.

F A C T Y E A H ?

a_bro2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

it will be better on the Project Cafe Actually, since i will be out by then LMAO

that is if rockstar will do it.

teedogg802611d ago

I thought Halo Reach was 360 exclusive.

bageara2611d ago

Rockstars Halo Reach on the PS3 really sucks yeah? /s

BushLitter2611d ago

Maybe GTAIV RDR and LA Noire are better on Xbox, but HALO REACH is definitely superior on PS3


ddkshah2611d ago

LA Noire Was BETTER on the ps3 lol. IDK where you got the idea of otherwise -_-
GTA V will probably use a newer engine for gta v which will be a lot more optimized for the ps3 than the past engine and be equal or better than the xbox version ;)

Dee_912611d ago

yea the only reason i got a ps3 was for halo reach

ATiElite2611d ago

"Rockstars Halo Reach" on the PC uses DX11, has full Tessellation and 64 MP maps instead of 24 so you do realize "Rockstars Halo Reach PC" is the superior version.

BushLitter2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

PS3... It only does XBOX EXCLUSIVES :)

@ATiElite... How could I forget! And it came with exclusive DLC.

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tee_bag2422611d ago

GTA 4 IMO looked much better on PS3. I owned both but played on 360 for the online. Red Dead looked better on X360. But Halo Reach was way better on the PSP Goof

ufo8mycat2611d ago

GTA4 better on PS3? Seriously? It was blurry, had a lot more jaggies, poorer draw distance and less detailed textures.

How on earth can that look better?

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Prcko2611d ago

just announce the game plz,this waiting is killing me,arghhh!!!!

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