EMEAA Weekly Chart Week Ending 21st May 2011

1 - PS3 L.A. Noire - 401,754
2 - X360 L.A. Noire - 325,800
3 - PC The Witcher 2: Assassins of Ki... - 166,947
4 - X360 Brink - 44,426
5 - Wii Wii Sports Resort - 41,928
6 - Wii Wii Sports - 40,381
7 - Wii LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean:... - 36,001
8 - DS Pokémon Black / White Version - 35,552
9 - PS3 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean:... - 32,960
10 - Wii Zumba Fitness - 32,034


PS3 - 63,385 (+1%)
Wii - 50,701 (+54%)
X360 - 43,055 (+3%)
DS - 41,189 (-2%)
PSP - 35,728 (-3%)
3DS - 29,433 (-11%)
PS2 - 12,233 (-3%)

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led10902612d ago

Those are some awesome sales for The Witcher 2. The developer had said that the pre orders had reached 150,000 copies 2 days prior to the games release and around 50% were for the digital edition. Now even if after including sales from the US, if the total sales equal around 200,000, still we can easily double that number if we include digital sales or even more than that. So, 400k-500k for a game that hardly had any marketing hype attached to it, is made by a relatively unknown developer, and most importantly, is a PC exclusive(for now), those are some awesome awesome numbers.

Veeger2612d ago

Witcher 1 sold more than a million and maybe it's not marketed in US but here you can't open a fridge not to stumble upon the White Wolf. That includes showcasing the game on regular TV news. Of course they can't afford to get into US market right away but I hope console version will do them good in future.

Derekvinyard132612d ago

LA NOIRE will sell at least another 500k

clank5432612d ago

Wow, the ps3 sales have gone up? Interesting to say the least. Great to see L.A. Noire and the Witcher 2 doing so well for two high risk projects.

aaabbbccc43242612d ago ShowReplies(1)
JellyJelly2612d ago

I don't know how trustworthy these numbers are but if they are at least somewhat accurate it's nice to see an original IP like L.A Noire doing good.

chidori6662612d ago

I dont believe this stupid vg charts. They are so untrue.

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The story is too old to be commented.